DeKalb County Mugshots 6/4/18

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Ashford, Gary Ray - Driving on Revoked:Suspended DLBequette, Stephjanie Michelle - CC Violation of Probation X 2Brawner, Gerald Thomas - Driving on Revoked License 2nd OffenseBrown, Michael Edward - Failure to AppearDickens, William Corey - CC Violation of ProbationDodson, Tamara Michelle - Meth:Mfg:Del:Sell:PossFlesher, Jim Thomas - Court OrderedGeekie, Ashley Danielle - Violation of ProbationGurley, Darnell Fieldon - Aggravated Burglary; BurglaryHaney, Trent Desmond - GS Violation of ProbationKnuff, Joseph William - Driving on Revoked:Suspended 5th OffenseMartin, Christy Jean - Accidents Resulting in Damage to VehicleMurphy, Tyler Wayne - Aggravated Burglary X 2; Theft of Property under $500; Theft of Property Under $1,000Pedigo, Scott Green - DUI; Meth:Mfg:Del:Sel:PossRapp, Roger Tremain - Viiolation of Community CorrectionsRoberts, Brian Bronson - VandalismRoberts, Brian Bronson - Vandalism under $500Rowan, Bryce Alexander - DUISalinas, Darrell Luis - Drug Free Zone; Violation Drug Free School Zone; Violation Drug Free School Zone; Sale SCH II Drug X 3Stacy, Jacob Randall - AssaultTippens, Nathaniel Dylan - Forgery; Aggravated BurglaryValdez, Regina Carol - Domestic AssaultWebster, Joseph Lowe - Failure to AppearWillamson, Selah Ann - Violation of Probation