Putnam County Mugshots 7/17/18

Putnam County Mugshots

Arnett, Tyler Johnston - Criminal ImpersonationBailen, Corey Tyler - Public IntoxicationBeasley, Catherine Renee - Intro of Controlled Substance into Penal Facility; Simple Poss Casual ExchangeBennett, Tyler Scott - Domestic AssaultBigelow, Stephen Morris - Fugitive From JusticeBottoms, Tracy Jo - DUI; Violation of Implied Consent LawBreeding, Bobby Erwin - Criminal ImpersonationCamp, Robert William - Public IntoxicationCampbell, Donna Jean - Shoplifting Theft of PropertyClark, Ronald Gene - Driving on Revoked Suspended DLConley, Amanda Marie - GS Violation of Probation TheftCorona, Nathan Jeffery - Dometic AssaultDavis, Gaylon Lee - Burglary; Fugitive From JusticeDelcastillo, Kenneth James - Aggravated Assault; Poss Handgun under the Influence; Reckless EndangermentDenson, Scotty Lynn - CC Violation of ProbationDyer, Marty Eugene - GS VIolation of Probation; JuvenileEngland, Matthew Joseph - Aggravated Criminal TrespassEstes, Craig Richard - GS Violation of ProbationFelder, Melvin Eugene - DUIFigueroa, Manuel - Aggravated AssaultFranklin, Gregory Scott - Domestic AssaultFristoe, Chasity Danielle - Poss Drug Para; Simple Poss; Mfg Del Sel Controlled Substance; Mitimus to Jail Capias Case #18-CR-646Gallops, Gene Alex - Fugitive From JusticeGardner, Daniel W - Public IntoxicationGhrist-Russell, Kasey Lauren - CC Violation of ProbationGibbs, Kenneth Ernie - Sniff Glue, Gas etc Inhaling for Unlawful PurposesGreen, Estle Andrew - Driving WhilevRestriction in Effect; DUI 7thGrief, Lajuana Berry - DUIHall, Christopher Ryland - Domestic Assault w Bond Condition A B CHall, Ronald Dustin - DUIHammons, Tommy Ray - CC Violation of ProbationHancock, Joshua Quition - GS Violation of Probation Theft; Domestic Assault; Aggravated Assault; Leaving Scene of Accident; Driving on Revoked Suspended DL 2nd OffenseHearld, Kelly Lynn - GS Violation of Probation Driving on Suspended DLHesster, Matthew Chase - Domestic AssaultHoke, Corneice Madison - Theft of Property; Aggravated BurglaryHolloway, Jacquline Celeste - Violation Bond ConditionsHorn, Brian Matthew - Mfg Del Sel Controlled SubstancesJohn, Mason - Driving on Revoked Suspended DLJones, Michael Raymond -Domestic AssaultKelly, John Daniel - DUI; Ignition Interlock DeviceKendrick, Taylor Nicole - GS Violation of Probation Drug ParaKennedy, Izaya D - Violation of Order of Protection RestraintKing, Glenda Darlene - Domestic AssaultLane, Ronnie Matthew - Violation Order of Protection RestraintLeggett, Brent Michael - Criminal Impersonation; GS FTA P; Shoplifting Theft of PropertyLetner, Derrick Dwayne - GS VIolation of Probation Driving on Suspended DLLoya, Christian Ivan - CC Violation of ProbationLuick, Wanda Lee - Aggravated Assault; Mfg Del Sel Controlled Sub Meth; Poss Drug Para; Simple Poss; Mfg Del Sell Controlled Sub MethMartin, Natasha Nicole - Theft of Property; GS Violation of Probation TheftMason, Marcus Damian - CC Violation of Probation Simple Poss; GS FTA P Domestic Assault FTA 3 19 18; Public IntoxicationMetcalf, Alex D - Shoplifting Theft of PropertyMyles, Anthony Tyrique - Violation Order of Protection Restraint; Domestic AssaultNelson, Edward Dwayne - Violation of Bond ConditionsNorris, Carla Renee - BurglaryPedro, Ricardo Miguel - Filing False ReportPenley, Thomas Clinton - Public IntoxicationPhillips, Kristie Faye - DUIPhilpot, Bryan Russell - Public IntoxicationPrice, Jeremy Wayne - Public IntoxicationPuckett, Halen - Resisting Arrest; Public IntoxicationReeves, Tonia Leah - GS Violation of Probation TheftRendina, Anthony Leonard - Violation of Bond ConditionsRibardi, Robert Lynn - CC Violation of ProbationRoberts, James Lee - Disorderly Conduct; Public IntoxicationRodgers, Brittany Latasha La - Criminal Trespassing; Evading Arrest; Shoplifting Theft of Property; GS Violation of ProbationSeber, John Wesley - Contraband in Penal InstitutionSimmons, Timothy Bruce - DUISteele, Jake Eric - Theft of Property; Resisting Arrest; Driving without a License; Simple PossSwallows-Key, Stephanie Priscilla - Violation of Probation CC Sale of SCH II; AttachmentSweat, Tina Marie - Carrying Weapons During Judicial ProceedTaylor, Ricky Lynn - Theft of Property; GS FTA PTurner, Michael Gregory - Burglary; CitationWadford, Roscoe Dayton - Child Abuse; Simple Poss; Simple Poss; Poss Drug Para; GS FTA PWalton, Christopher - Violation of Parole SCH II DrugsWilson, Jackie Sue -GS Violation of Probation Simple PossWoodard, Bernard - Theft of Property