White County Mugshots 7/16/18

White County Mugshots

Allen, Carla Regina - FTA on 7:10:18Belvin, David Glenn - Driving While Licese Sus:Rev:Can 2ndBequette, Stephanie Michelle - Here for CourtBumbalough, Cody Nicholas - Here for CourtDaniels, Ronald Wayne - DUI 1st; No Drivers License; Driving With no LicenseDixon, Heather - Domestic Assault; Public Intoxication; Simple AssaultDunham Jr, Richard Stewart - Driving While License Sus:Rev:Can 8th; Removable of Registration PlateElmore, Thornton Wesley - Driving on Revoked 3rd; Leaving the Scene of Accident; Poss SCH I Heroin; Poss SCH II Drugs; Poss SCH III Drugs; Poss SCH IV Drug; Poss SCH VI Drug; Unlawf Drug ParaEvans, James Theodore - Violation of ProbationGreen, Peter Bradford - Resisting Official Service OOPGuidara, Paula Keyes - Serving 43 HoursHenry, Byron Shawn - Evading Arrest; Aggravated BurglaryJones, Justin Wallace - Assault Domestic; Resisting ArrestKilgore, Brandon Thomas - Attachment for Jail SentenceLarkins, Deon Jerome - Here for CourtLewis Jr, William Dell - Here for CourtLewsi, Gaines Bradley - Here for CourtMaracle, Joey Albert - Here for CourtMcBride, Tina Diane - Serve 25 HoursMeadows, Kevin Weston - Poss Drug Para; Simple Poss SCH II DrugPack, Kelly Elaine - Poss:Del:Sell:Mfg SCH II Meth; Simple Poss SCH II Drugs; Poss Drug ParaParks, Isaac Danie - Attachment for ContemptPugh, Stephen Hunter - Simple Poss SCH IIRichardson, Anamaree Daniell - Theft of ServicesRigoli, Jacob Antonio - Poss SCH III; Poss of SCH IV DrugsRodgers, Alex M - Failure to AppearRodgers, Daniel Dee - Violation of ProbationScott, Christopher Derrick - Mfg:Del:Poss:Sell SCH II Meth; Simple Poss SCH II Drugs; Poss Drug ParaSexton, Hannah Marie - FTA 5:14:18Smith, Adam Hammond - Poss SCH I w:Intent to SaleTayes, Justin Kirk - Aggravated AssaultWard, Ronnie Dale - Burglary Other Than Havitation; Theft up to $1,000Woody, Trina Marsheal - Sale of SCH II HydrocodoneYott, Cristie Annette - Poss Drug Para X2; Falsifying Drug Test; VOP Amended - Poss of Drug ParaYoung, Kenneth Lee - Serve 43 HoursYoung, Lisa Diane - Fraud Use Credit:Debit CardMoss, Russell Brandon - Agg Assault; DOR 2nd; Agg Burglary; Felony Evading Arrest in Motor Vehicle; Evading Arrest; Resisting Official Detention ; DOR 2nd; Felony Evading in Motor Vehicle