Cumberland County Mugshots 8-9-18

Abney, Kailey - Under Age DrinkingAbney, Samuel - Underage DrinkingBebley, Lee - Simple PossessionBetram, Ricky - Violation of Probation (Circuit)Blackmon, Charlie - Failure to AppearBlake, David - Violation Sex Offender RegistryBlankenship, Jack - Aggravated Assault, AssaultBlankenship, Logan - Failure to AppearBogle, Brandon - Failure to AppearBrannan, Clarissa - Theft of MerchandiseCarter, Melissa - Hold For OtherChambers, Gregory - Driving on Revoked or Suspended License, Unlawful Posession Drug ParaphernaliaClark, Kayla - Failure to AppearCole, Kenneth - Hold for Other DepartmentColin, Maria - Underage Driving Under the InfluenceConatser, Johnny - Public IntoxicationCopeland, Harve - Commitment Time DisdemeanorDannel, Jeffery - Public Intoxication, Harassment, Violation of Probation (Circuit)Davis. Christopher - Violation of Probation (CC), Simple Posession, Criminal Impersonation, Failure to AppearDick, Allen - Violation of Probation (CC)Duff, Christopher - Violation of Probation (Circuit)Faircloth, Tommy - Failure to Appear (GS), Theft of PropertyFloyd, Jonathan - Violation of Order of ProtectionFlury, Bonnie - Violation of Probation (GS)Foust, Adrian - Domestic AssaultFreeman, Tina - Public IntoxicationFrye, Sharo - Leaving Scene of Accident, Driving on Revoked LicenseGalites, Jamie - Theft of MerchandiseGielissen, Garrett - Hold for Other Dept.Green, Kaitlyn - Unlawful Possession Drug Paraphernalia, Man.,Del.,Sell, Or Possess Meth, Violation of ProbationGriffith, Brandon - Domestic Assault, Violation of Bond COnditionsHall, Donald - Commit Time For MisdemeanorHamby, Casey - Public IntoxicationHamel, James - VandalismHayes III, Leo - Man, Sell, or Possess Meth, Aggravated Burglary, Violation of Probation (Circuit)Hofmeister, Austin - Domestic AssaultHoskins, David - Failure to Appear x2Hoskins, Marcia - Violation of Probation (Circuit)Hudson, William - Public IntoxicationHunter, Nathan - Commitment Time for MisdemeanorHyder, Tony - Domestic AssaultKearley, Bret - Theft of MerchandiseKling, Rachel - Driving on Revoked or Suspended License, Leaving Scene of an AccidentKrank, Shawn - Public IntoxicationManning, Raymond - Failure to AppearMcNally, Roger - Commitment Time For MisdemeanorMills, Tracy - VandalismMonday, Donald - Commit Time for MisdemeanorMoore, Elizabeth - Child SupportMorgan, Sarah - Violation of Probation (GS) x3Murphy, Terry - Failure to AppearMyers, Christy - Violation of ProbationNorris, Yvonne - Driving on Revoked or Suspended LicenseParks, Thomas - On 7-23-18 on Domestic Assault (to Pay)PArton, Richard - Failure to AppearPeppers, Brittany - Failure to AppearPyles, John -Failure to AppearQuinby, William - Domestic Assault - Hold for 12 HoursRaines, Christopher - Failure to AppearRector, Rebecka - Commitment Time for MisdemeanorRichards, Danny - Violation of Parole, Failure to AppearSadowski, Courtney - Hold To Do Jail Time or Fail to Complete RehabSeymour, William - Failure to AppearSherrill, Mickel - Driving on SuspendedSimmons, Jennifer - Failure to AppearSlaven, Jason - Check Previous Booking (Temp. Out)Smith, Danny - Hold For Other Dept.Stevens, Lecinda - Violation of Probation (GS)Stevens, Sabrina - Driving While RestrictedSutherland, Jason - Violation of Probation (Circuit)Swafford, Jody - Public Intoxication, Man., Del., Sell, or Possess Meth, Violation of Probation (GS)Swanson, Christian - Hold For Bond HearingTaylor, Jessica - Commitment Time For MisdemeanorThreet, Fred - Evading ArrestUnser, Alan - Domestic Assault, Vandalism, Commitment Time For MIsdemeanorWalker, Casandra - FTA 6-25-18, FTA 7-2-18, Simple PossessionWhitlow, Ryan - D.U.I.Wightman, Jeremiah - Child Support, Violation of Probation (GS), Violation of Probation (Circuit) Theft of MerchandiseWilliams, Kenneth - Failure to Appear (GS), D.U.I., Driving on Revoked LicenseWines, Bobby - Commit Time For MisdemeanorWooten, Jesse - Public Intoxication