Putnam County Mugshots 8/20/18

Putnam County Mugshots

Abair, Meaghan Elizabeth - Criminal Impersonation; Simple Poss Casual Exchange; Suspended or Revoked Driviers LicenseAbston, Austin - Public IntoxicationAllison, Robin Renee - DUIAllisonk, David Paul - Public IntoxicationAnders, Darren - DUI; Violation of Implied Consent LawAustin, Jessica Marie - CC Violation of Probation Theft >$10,000 Rules 1,5,8Bailey, Pam Jean - Aggravated AssaultBeck, Heather Leann - CC Violation of Probation Assault X2Bires, Abbie Jo - GS Violation of Probation TheftBrown, Richard Kevin - DUIBurchett, Juliane Marie - GS Violation of Probation Simple PossCamardi, Keith Allen - Domestic Assault w Bond Conditions; Aggravated Assautl w Bond ConditionsCarlson, Caly Alexis - Meth Free TN Drug ActChristian, Ashton - CC Violation of ProbationCobos-Trujillo, Izbey - GS Violation of Probation Unlawful Drug ParaCole, Jennifer Lynn - Meth Free TN Drug Act Meth Mfg Del sell or PossColes, John Tyler - CC Pick Up Indictment SCH VI DrugsCooper, Brian Kenton - CC Violation of Probation Reckless EndangermentCripps, Evan Brady - CC Violation of Probation Poss of MarijuanaCumby, Miles Brent - Resisting Arrest; Public IntoxicationCumby, William Harold - DUICunningham, Christopher Reece - Domestic Assault; Agg Burglary; Reckless Endangerment; Reckless Driving; Reckless Endangerment; VandalismCurtis, Joshua Nathaniel - GS VIolation of Probation; JuvenileDay,Nechelle Renee - Evading Arrest; Reckless Endangerment; Mfg Del.Sel Poss Controlled Sub; Driving on Revoked Suspended LicenseDunn, Brooklyn Paige - GS Violation of Probation Underage Driving while Impaired Rule 1Flury, Joseph E - Theft of Property X2Goans, Angela Dawn - Driving on Revoked Suspended License; DUIGreen, Daniel Tyrone - Tampering with Physical Evidence; Simple Poss; Resisting ArrestHall, Christopher - CC Violation of Probation Child NeglectHatch, Makayla June Marie - Domestic AssaultHayes, Joshua Leslie - Mfg Del Sel Poss Controlled SubstancesHedrick, Christopher Lee - Indecent ExposureHoward, Dustin - Public IntoxicationHunt, Hayle Danielle - CC Violation of Probation Child Abuse, NeglectHunter, Cody Scott - Public IntoxicationHutchinson, Jason Edward - Public IntoxicationJackson, Terry Wayne - DUI 2nd OffenseJohnson, Anthony Sharod - Domestic Assault w Bond Conditions; Interference with Emergency Calls; Public IntoxicationJohnson, Christopher Van - Public Intoxication; CC Violation of Probation Auto BurglaryJones, Toni Frances - GS Violation of ProbationKillman, Shawn David - GS VIolaiton of Probation Simple Poss Casual ExchangeKutrich, Ryan Adam - DUI 2ndLedbetter, David Wayne -Domestic Assault; Interference with Emergency Calls; Violation of ParoleLocke, Christina Angela - Poss Drug Para; Meth Free TN Drug Act Meth Mfg Del.Sell PossLoveday, Matthew Donald - GS VIolation of ProbationMacias, Brandi Nicole - Domestic AssaultMartin, Terrance Deshaun - Resisting Arrest; Domestic Assault; Interference with Emergency CallsMcAbee, Edward Patrick - Fabriciating Tampering with Evidence; Mfg Del Sel POss Controlled Sub Meth; CC Violation of ProbationMcDonald, Joseph Gordon - Poss SCH I DrugMendez, Tomas Lopez - Indecent Exposure; Public IntoxicationMiller, Shawn Dillyn - Evading Arrest; Reckless Endangerment; Vandalism; No Drivers License; No Proof of Insur.; Registration Improperly DisplayedMurphy, Shannon Gene - Solicitation of Person Under 18 years of age; Solicitation of Minor to Observe SexualNieves, Alfredo Banos - DUIPaugh, Christopher Wiliam - Public IntoxicationPeat, James Jay - Public IntoxicationPendergrass, Jamiah Ramon - GS VIolation of ProbationPhillips, Joshua Adam - BurglaryPiercy, Marcus Justin - GS Violation of Probation DUI 1st Rules 1,4,13Pinter, Justin Anthony - GS VIolation of Probation Driving While License CancelledPotts, Melissa Lynn - Shoplifting-Theft of Property; Resisting Arrest StopProwse, Daniel Lee - Violation of ParoleRandolph, Charles Russell - Domestic AssaultReed, Timothy Burton - Aggravated Burglary; GS Fail to Appear or Pay Simple POss Casual ExchangeRice, Jamaal Rashad - VandalismRouse, Robert Michael - CC Violation of Probatin Reckless Endangerment Ruled 1,4Sather, Barry - Violation Order of Protection RestraintSebastian, Gaspar - GS VIolation of Probation Domestic AssaultSmith, Megan Brooke - Theft of PropertySullivan, Jerry Donald - DUI 4th Offense; Resisting Arrest; Violation of Implied Consent LawTaylor, James Louis - Violation of ParoleThomas, Reba May - Violation of Community CorrectionsThompson, Terry Allen - GS VIolation of Probation X3Triplett, John Edward - CC Violation of ProbationWashington, James Sylvester - Simple Poss; Resisting ArrestWhittaker, Mattison Lee - Public Intoxication