Cumberland County Mugshots February 22-28

Check out the Cumberland County mugshots for February 22-28.

*Everyone listed is assumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Amanda Jenkins - Disorderly Conduct, Driving on Revoked:Suspended LicenseAmber Helton - Aggravated Burglary, Theft, VandalismAngela Whittenburg - Theft of MerchandiseAnthony Seber - DUIBarbara Goodwin - Failure to AppearBrandon Campbell - Violation of ProbationCameron Swanson - Public IntoxicationCasie Haney - Hold for Other DeptChelsea Abston - Driving on Revoked:Suspended LicenseChristian Stephens - Hold Roane CountyChristopher Hill - Atlering:Falsifying or Forging Auto Ti, Driving on Revoked:Suspended LicenseDakota Bunch - Hold for Other DeptDarren Hamby - Aggravated Burglary, Theft, VandalismDavid Frye - Simple PossessionDenise Hicks - Simple PossessionDerek Rottman - Unlawful Possession Drug Paraphernalia, MFG:DEL:SELL Controlled SubstanceDwayne Skiles - Man:Del:Sell:or Possess MethEthan Daniels - Theft ($10,000 - $60,000)Fredrick Thomason - Man:Del:Sell:or Possess MethJackie Foster - Failure to AppearJackie Martin - Failure to AppearJames Kilby - Violation of Order of Protection:RestraintJason Slaven - Assault, Theft of MerchandiseJerry Richards - Leaving Scene of AccidentJoe Young - Violation of ProbationJohn Austin - Public IntoxicationJohn Biggers - Failure to Appear, Man:Del:Sell:or Possess Meth, Simple PossessionJohn Hamby - Rape of a ChildJoseph Abbott - Hold for Other DeptJoshua Hartt - Public IntoxicationJoshua Pugh - Public IntoxicationJoshua Pyles - Failure to AppearJoshua Rollins - ForgeryJoy Bartley - Man:Del:Sell:or Possess Meth, Simple PossessionJude Pennington - Murder, 1st DegreeKathleen Hurst - Paraphernalia, Possession of MethKevin Brown - Aggravated Assault, Resisting Arrest, Possession of Drug ParaphernaliaKimberly Norris - Criminal Trespassing, Theft of PropertyKyle Ledbetter - Theft of PropertyLawrence Parks - DUI, Driving on Revoked:Suspended LicenseLesleigh Haun - JoyridingMarisa Guizar - Hold for Other DeptMark Bowlin - Public IntoxicationMark Winton - Introduction of Controlled Substance Into Penal Inst, Evading Arrest, Domestic AssaultMatthew Alcorn - Possession of MethMicah Brown - Simple Poss Meth & Possession of WeaponMichael Abston - Violation of Order of Protection:RestraintMichael Hopkins - Man:Del:Sell:or Possess MethNicholas Stout - Driving on Revoked:Suspended LicensePayson Bartlett - 2 YearsPeter Godsey - Domestic AssaultRicky Turner - Violation of Order of ProtectionRobbie Roberts - Warrant from Another StateSally Grant - Theft of PropertySamantha Sherrill - Simple Possession SCH 4, Man:Del:Sell: or Possess Meth, Failure to AppearSamson Smith - Man:Del:Sell:or Possess Meth, Resisting Arrest, Unlawful Possession of a WeaponSean Scarbrough - Domestic AssaultShelly Shull - Violation of Probation, Man:Del:Sell: or Possess MethSkyla Burks - Failure to AppearStacey Austin - Violation of Order of Protection:RestraintSteven Riley - Hold for Other DeptTerry Selby - Commitment Time for MisdemeanorTimothy Norris - Contraband in Penal Institute, Theft of MerchandiseTimothy Stevens - On 10:5:2020 on DORTracy Hyso - Violation of ProbationWilliam Carter - Theft of PropertyWilliam Patterson - Child Support Purge $2213Willie Dyal - Driving on Revoked:Suspended License, Violation Sex Offender RegistryZachary Rives - Criminal Trespass