Cumberland County Mugshots April 19-25

Check out the Cumberland County mugshots for April 19-25.

*Everyone listed is assumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Adrian Foust - In for CourtAlena Law - Man:Del:Sell or Possess Meth, Unlawful Possession Drug ParaphernaliaAlicia Bridges - Failure to AppearAllison Pinson - Violation of Probation, Failure to AppearAmy Young - Felony Poss MethAndre Dagostino - In for CourtAndrea Haines - Vio Community CorrectionsAustin Gibson - Failure to Appear, Simple Possession, Unlawful Possession Drug ParaphernaliaBessie Ellis - Man:Del:Sell or Possess MethBoyd Francisco - Public IntoxicationBret Kearley - Unlawful Possession Drug Paraphernalia, Simple Possession, Man:Del:Sell or Possess MethBrittany Berry - Pay Purge $1661.69 or Serve 170 DaysCarl Boles - Domestic AssaultCasey Hubbard - Crim TrespassCharles Thomas - Public IntoxicationCheryl Murphy - Theft of PropertyChristopher Brown - Hold for Other DeptChristopher Hale - Violation of ProbationChristopher Mellor - DUICodie Moore - Violation of ProbationCourtney Ratliff - Domestic AssaultDamion Goldberg - Failure to Appear, Theft of PropertyDaniel Godsey - Man:Del:Sell or Possess Meth, Simple Possession, Violation of Probation, Evading ArrestEmily Case - Failure to AppearEric Lawson - Simple PossessionGregory Fritts - DUI, Simple PossessionHarral Davenport - AssaultHunter Cothern - Failure to Appear, Failure to Report Discovery of Dead BodyIan Moerdyk - Failure to AppearJacob Reagan - In for CourtJacob Wallace - Public IntoxicationJared Richards - Theft of PropertyJeffery Miller - Domestic AssaultJerry Picca - Tampering with EvidenceJessica Haywood - Simple PossessionJohn Codgill - Hold for Other Dept, Violation of ProbationJohn Roysden - Domestic AssaultJoseph Wampler - Theft of Property, Simple PossessionJoshua Taylor - Man:Del:Sell or Possess Meth, Resisting Arrest, Simple Possession, Evading ArrestKay Anders - Man:Del:Sell or Possess Meth, Simple Possession, Tampering with EvidenceKaycee Farr - Man:Del:Sell or Possess Meth, Simple Possession, Tampering with EvidenceLogan Zellner - Criminal TrespassingMacey Stepp - Aggravated BurglaryMackenzie Pritchard - Criminal TrespassingMackenzie Pritchard - Reckless DrivingMarcia West - Simple Assault on First Responder, Resisting Arrest, Public IntoxicationMichael Scarbro - Failure to AppearMiguel Rosas-Velasquez - Under Age Driving While ImpairedNathaniel Davenport - Agg Assault, Agg BurglaryRafael Ramos - DUIRaymond Barrone - Failure to AppearRaymond Harden - In for CourtRichard Leming - In for CourtRichard Shuey - Aggravated AssaultRobert Hubbard - DUI, Leaving Scene of AccidentRobert Miller - Commitment Time for MisdemeanorRoger Norris - FTASarah Turner - Failure to AppearSean Meillarec - Child SupportShelley Jackson - Failure to AppearSteven McBroom - DUI, Unlawful Possession Drug ParaphernaliaSteven Rary - Domestic AssaultTad Rednour - Commitment Time for MisdemeanorTara Cox - Failure to AppearTerry Selby - Commitment Time for MisdemeanorTimothy Fields - Domestic AssaultTravis Vandyke - Reckless EndangermentTyler Houston - Man:Del:Sell or Possess Meth, Simple PossessionWesley Akin - Domestic Assault