Fentress County Mugshots June 7-13

Check out theĀ Fentress County mugshots for June 7-13.

*Everyone listed is assumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Alvin Romero - Sale of SCH II Meth >.5 Grams, Child EndangermentAmy Terry - Theft Over 1000Andy Gooding - Sale of SCH II Meth >.5 Grams (x2)Angeline Nugent - Housing for PickettAnthony Kassow - Public Intoxication, Criminal Trespassing x2, Underage ConsumptionAshley Goodman - Facilitation of sale of meth >.5 gramsBailee Morton - Sale of SCH II Meth >.5 Grams, Child EndangermentBrandon Dishmon - Public Drunk, Theft Under 1000, Tampering with evidenceBrandon Dishmon - Theft under 1000, poss of SCH 6, Criminal trespassing, Poss of meth over .5 grams w:Intent to Re-Catelin Harding - Public drunk, Theft under 1000Charles Wright - Theft Over $1000Chris Mullins - Sale of SCH IV X2Crystal Barnett - Public Intoxication, Possession of Meth Under .5 Grams, Possession of SCH IV Controlled SubCrystal Nicholas - Failure to AppearDanny Huff - Driving on RevokedDeborah Terry - Sale of a SCH II (X2)Derek Richards - Official MisconductDewayne Morgan - Failure to AppearDonnie Pastrick - Housing for PickettJacob Carmack - FTAJazzdin Cooper - Theft Under 1000, Simple Possession of Marijuana, Possession of Meth, Possession of a Stolen Vehicle, Vandalism, Leaving the Scene of an AccidentJohnny Dishmon - Theft >$2500, Fraudulent use of credit card, Official misconductJonny Key - Criminal VOPJoshua Bird - Driving on Suspended, Financial Responsibility, Poss of Methamphetamine Simple, Tampering With EvidenceJoshua Crabtree - Facilitation of Sale of Meth >.5 Grams, Simple Poss of SCH 5Justin Raulston - Sale of SCH 1 (Heroin), VOPKenneth Burchett - Housing for Pickett CoKenny Evans - Sale of SCH 2, TennCare fraudKristina Miller - Sale of Meth Over .5 GramsMichelle Winningham - Housing for Pickett CoMiranda Wilson - DUI, Financial ResponsibilityNathan Woods - Sale of SCH IIIRebecca Miller - Sale of SCH III NarcoticsRilley Thomas - Sale of Meth Over .5 GramsRobert Vanderhoof - Sale of SCH II:Oxy & Hydro (X2)Sara Pemberton - Holding for PickettStanley Cope - Housing for PickettWade Long - GS VOPWillard Gunter - Theft over 1000