White County Mugshots May 24-31

Check out the White County mugshots for May 24-31.

*Everyone listed is assumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Anthony Grooms - Disorderly ConductBrandi Swan - Fraudulent Transfer of Motor VehicleBrandi Whited - Violation of ProbationCraig Cockrum - Violation of ProbationJames Hughes - Failure to AppearJamie Struck - Violation of ProbationJanice Raper - Domestic AssaultJason Scott - DUIJason Stover - Attachment for ContemptJeffery McCloud - Failure to AppearJoey Kirby - Attachment for ContemptJohn Lake - Attachment for ContemptJohn Lake - Man:Sale:Del Meth, Simple Possession:Casual Exchange, Poss of Weapon During FelonyJonathan Hankins - Man:Sale:Del Meth, Public IntoxicationJoseph McCloud - Man:Sale:Del MethJoshua Mason - Domestic AssaultKyle Wagner - Domestic AssaultMichael Burwell - DUIMichael Sawyer - DUIMicki Gentry - Driving on Revoked:SuspendedMonty Slatton - Domestic AssaultRandall Kirby - Attachment for ContemptRichard Simmons - Aggravated Assault, Domestic Assault, VandalismRoger Stewart - Man:Sale:Del Meth, Poss of Weapon During FelonyTerri Serena - Theft of Property