White County Mugshots July 5-11

Check out the White County mugshots for July 5-11.

*Everyone listed is assumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

April Seibers - Man:Sale:Del MethArdell Richardson - Violation of ProbationBradley Young - Serving Sentence on Previous ChargeCameron Carter - DUI, Simple Possession, Evading ArrestCatherine Rogers - Violation of ProbationChristina Bess - Hold for Another CountyChristopher Roberson - Serving Sentence on Previous ChargeCraig Cockrum - Revocation of BondDaniel Eller - Aggravated Assault, Domestic AssaultDaniel Rush - Violation of ProbationEven Mabe - Simple Possession, Tampering With or Fabricating EvidenceJames Brady - Domestic AssaultJason Byrd - Aggravated Assault, Vandalism, Theft of PropertyJason Childress - Attachment for ContemptJason Sutherland - Violation of Order of ProtectionJeffery McBride - Aggravated AssaultJennifer Hunyadi - Violation of ProbationJeremy Vaughn - Fugitive from JusticeJustin Hargis - Theft of PropertyJustin Jellinick - Serving Sentence on Previous ChargeLloyd Brock - Simple Possession:Casual Exchange, Possession Without PrescriptionMichael Fernandez - Driving on Revoked:Suspended, Man:Sale:Del MethMonty Slatten - Tampering With or Fabricating Evidence, Evading Arrest, Driving on Revoked:Suspended, Simple PossessionPaul Presley - Here for CourtRandall Kirby - Serving Sentence on Previous ChargeRichard Taylor - Here for CourtRonda Turner - CapiasTimothy Pittman - Serving Sentence on Previous ChargeTraci Holmes - Violation of ProbationTrisha Winningham - Violation of Probation