Putnam County Mugshots July 7-17

Check out the Putnam County mugshots for July 7-17.

*Everyone listed is assumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.*

Zachary Yates - Violation of ProbationYvonne Thyen - GS CapiasWyatt Farago - Violation of ProbationWillie Sherwood - GS CapiasWilliam Raney - Resisting ArrestVincent Begin - DUIValerie Dillon - CC CapiasTyler Kirby - Fugitive from JusticeTroy Melton - DUI, Violation of Implied Consent LawTracy Langford - Assault, Domestic Assault, Resisting Arrest, Evading ArrestTommy Hammons - Public IntoxicationTerry Coggins - Domestic AssaultTabitha Strahin - Criminal Impersonation, Evading ArrestSteven Riddle - Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Meth Free TN Drug ActStephen Halbert - Residential and Work RestrictionsStephen Cooper - DUI, Violation of Bond Conditions, Violation of Implied Consent LawSebastian Hernandez - Public IntoxicationSebastian Gonzalez-Hernandez - AssaultSarah King - Violation of ProbationSamantha Bailen - Violation of Community CorrectionsRyan Pratt - Mitimus to JailRonaldo Sebastion - Domestic AssaultRocky Scarlett - Violation of ProbationRobert Sutton - Mitimus to JailRicky Lee - Criminal TrespassingRicky Lee - Criminal SimulationRichard Campbell - Public IntoxicationRebekah Whitener - GS CapiasRay Bowman - Violation of Order of Protection:Restraint, Violation of Bond ConditionsRay Bowman - Violation of Conditions of Community SupRafael Francisco - DUI, Driving on Suspended or RevokedRachel Pilara - GS Capias, Contraband in Penal InstitutionRachel Overman - Violation of ProbationPerez Hernandez - DUIPaul Pippin - DUINathan Jedilika - Criminal TrespassingMona Reid - Violation of ProbationMichael Pittman - GS CapiasMichael McCaskey - GS CapiasMichael Holmes - GS CapiasMason Goodwin - DUIMary Hargrove - Criminal Trespassing, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Intent to Manufacture MethLuis Perez - Assault, Resisting ArrestLeo Tam - GS CapiasKennedy Garrett - Violation of Bond ConditionsKayli Zukowski - BurglaryJustin Hull - Failure to Register as a Sex OffenderJustin Frady - GS Capias, Violation of ProbationJoshua Owens - CC CapiasJoshua Knight - Contraband in Penal Institution, Violation of ProbationJoseph McNeiece - Violation of ProbationJonathan Prater - Resisting Arrest, Disorderly ConductJohnnie Mitchell - GS CapiasJohnathan Golden - JuvenileJoe West - Public IntoxicationJlisha Sullivan - Unlawful Possession of a WeaponJessie Webb - CC CapiasJerry Kolbe - CC CapiasJamichael Lewis - Theft of Property, Man:Del:Sell Controlled SubstanceJackie Norrod - GS CapiasHugo Miguel - GS CapiasGeorge Hirzel - GS CapiasGaspar Baltazar-Ignaicio - DUIGary Ealey - Mitimus to JailEric McDonald - GS CapiasElizabeth Bickel - GS CapiasEduardo Castillo - DUIDwight Colburn - Aggravated Assault, AssaultDoris Murphy - GS CapiasDonna Bartlett - GS CapiasDerek Smith - GS CapiasDavid Purkey - Violation of ProbationDavid Inman - Public Intoxication, Violation of ProbationDavid Cooksey - Violation of Order of Protection:Restraint, Unlawful Possession of a WeaponDavid Cooksey - Violation of Bond ConditionsDaniel Zukowski - BurglaryDaniel Montanez - Reckless Driving, DUI, No Drivers LicenseDaniel Denton - Theft of Property, Criminal TrespassingDaniel Boland - GS Capias, Criminal Impersonation, Driving on Revoked:Suspended LicenseCurtis Clark - Criminal TrespassingCorey Howard - GS CapiasClifford Gay - GS CapiasClay Proffitt - Aggravated AssaultChristie Howard - Criminal TrespassingChrissey Felton - GS CapiasCasey Holland - Theft of PropertyCarlos Reyes - Public IntoxicationBryan Martin - Mitimus to JailBrittany Ledbetter - JuvenileBrent Kennedy - Domestic AssaultBradley Roberts- - GS CapiasAustin Cherry - CC CapiasAshley Aldridge - DUI, Driving without a LicenseArman Sargolzaei - Public Intoxication, Calls in Nonemergency SituationsAnthony Grogan - Public IntoxicationAmber Clark - Mitimus to JailAlan Cline - Failure to Register as a Sex OffenderAdalberto Garcia - Reckless Endangerment, Reckless Driving, DUIZachary Brashears - Leaving Scene of AccidentTroy Lindsey - Public Intoxication, JuvenileTa'Naesha Talbart - Shoplifting:Theft of Property, Criminal ImpersonationSusan Mahaney - Mitimus to JailStephen Mayberry - Violation of ProbationStacy Igou - DUI, Driving on Revoked:Suspended LicenseStacy Foringer - Public IntoxicationSandy Thompson - GS CapiasRicky Lee - Public IntoxicationRachel Corbin - JuvenileNichole Lackey - Violation of ProbationMichael Swallows - GS CapiasMichael Grider - Aggravated Assault, Violation of Order of Protection:Restraint, Interference With Emergency CallsMatthew McClain - JuvenileLee Mendez - Mittimus to JailKeegan Wagner - GS CapiasJustin Robinson - Aggravated Assault, False InprisonmentJody Jones - CC CapiasJared Hodgkins - DUI, Violation of Implied Consent LawJake Steele - Violation of ProbationGeorge Mcallister - GS CapiasErica Birdwell - Juvenile, Violation of ProbationEric Byrd - DUIEdna Williams - JuvenileDennis Green - Domestic Assault, Interference With Emergency CallsCurtis Johnson - Auto BurglaryCorey White - DUIChantel Keagle - GS Capias, Fabricating:Tampering With Evidence, Man:Del:Sell Controlled SubstanceChad Phillips - Juvenile, Violation of Community CorrectionsBrenda Thompson - GS Capias, Violation of ProbationBilly Cooper - Fabricating:Tampering With Evidence, Man:Del:Sell Controlled Substance, Intent to Manufacture MethBerman Tzul Reyes - Mittimus to JailAshley Rector - Violation of Bond ConditionsAbigail Vaughn - GS Capias