Putnam County Mugshots July 18 – August 4

Check out the┬áPutnam County Mugshots from July 18 – August 4.

*Everyone listed is assumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.*

Wilson Garcia Lopez - Domestic AssaultWilliam Cornett - GS CapiasWilliam Cannady - Mitimus to JailWilliam Brown - Violation of ProbationWeston Breedlove - Violation of ProbationWesley Ritter - JuvenileWesley Hyso - Leaving Scene of Accident, Driving on Revoked:Suspended LicenseWayne Jestes - AssaultWarren Ryan - GS CapiasVenessa Hayes - GS CapiasTyler Williams - Public IntoxicationTyler Scott - DUI, Possession of a Handgun Under the InfluenceTyler Matthews - Vandalism, Disorderly ConductTravis Buck - Public IntoxicationTravis Buck - Criminal TrespassingTony Way - Violation of ProbationTommy Hammons - GS Capias, Violation of Bond ConditionsTodd Mathis - JuvenileTina Sweat - CC Capias, Meth Free Tennessee Drug ActTimothy Reid - Theft of Property, BurglaryTimothy Payne - Criminal TrespassingTheodore Agin - GS Capias, Simple PossessionTerri Craig - Theft of PropertyTavon McMurry - Mitimus to JailTara Campbell - JuvenileTabitha Bentley - GS CapiasSteven Vickers - Mitimus to JailSteven Riddle - Violation of ProbationStephen Cooper - Public IntoxicationStephanie Pepper - Assault, Intent to Manufacture MethStacy Beasley - Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Intent to Manufacture MethShontay Hall - Domestic Assault, Interferene with Emergency CallsScotty Hendrixson - GS CapiasSandra Fisher - Simple Possession, Meth Free TN Drug Act, Driving on Revoked:Suspended LicenseSamuel Spurlock - Mitimus to JailRyan Packingham - GS CapiasRocky Carr - GS CapiasRobin Crawford - GS CapiasRobert Thomas - Public Intoxication, Mitimus to JailRobert Scearse - Disorderly Conduct, Public IntoxicationRobby Copley - GS CapiasRicky Lee - Public IntoxicationRaul Rodriguez - Forgery, Identity TheftPaul Thompson - Mitimus to JailPat Chiles - GS CapiasNickolina Provost - B Post MittNatasha Thompson - GS CapiasMiranda Mullins - DUIMichael Wiggins - Violation of Order of Protection:RestraintMichael Tinkle - GS CapiasMichael Pogreba - Public IntoxicationMichael Ledbetter - Violation of ProbationMichael Koffas - Mitimus to JailMichael Carlson - CC CapiasMichael Anderson - Mitimus to JailMelisa Bryant - DUI, Violation of Bond ConditionsMattie Parks - Violation of Community CorrectionsMatthew Pomeranzun - Domestic AssaultMatthew Kreighbaum - Aggravated AssaultMary Wilmoth - Domestic Assault, Aggravated Criminal Trespass, Resisting Arrest, Public IntoxicationMary Lasalle - Theft of PropertyMae Phy - GS CapiasLucas Wood - Mitimus to JailLonnie Thomas - JuvenileLisa Risch - GS CapiasLisa Biggerstaff - Contraband in Penal Institution, Fabricating:Tampering with Evidence, Fugitive from JusticeLeo Tam - Burglary, VandalismLauren Wangler - GS Capias, Theft of PropertyLaura Hynes - Fugitive from JusticeLashonna Cannonn - GS CapiasLarry Boyd - Public IntoxicationKrystal Auxier - Aggravated Criminal TresspassKristin Smith - Violation of ProbationKristen Atkins - JuvenileKia Hall - Theft of PropertyKevin Fluegge - GS Capias, CC Capias, DUIKenneth Pendleton - Domestic AssaultKenneth Lawson - CC CapiasKelly Tietz - Public IntoxicationKeith Bingham - Man:Del:Sell Controlled SubstanceKatherine Reid - Theft of PropertyKaren Kidd - CC CapiasJustina Francisco - DUIJustin Rodgers - Intent to Manufacture MethJustin Hull - Aggravated Assault, VandalismJustin Fowler - GS Capias, Failure to Register as a Sex OffenderJoshua Walker - GS CapiasJoshua Goff - Violation of ProbationJoshua Barnes - Resisting Arrest, Violation of Bond ConditionsJordan Quarles - GS Capias, Juvenile, AttachmentJonathon Warden - Failure to Register as a Sex OffenderJonathan Stafford - CC CapiasJonathan Desserich - Sexual Exploitation of a MinorJohnny Ray - Violation of Order of Protection:RestraintJohn Roberts - Surrender of PrincipalJohn Petzold - Violation of Order of ProtectionJohn Cooper - Domestic AssaultJimmy Allen - Domestic AssaultJimmy Allen - Aggravated AssaultJesus Gonzalez - Public IntoxicationJessica Ray - JuvenileJerry Sutton - DUIJeremy Mahaffa - Mitimus to JailJennifer Drake - Violation of ProbationJedidiah Bowman - DUI, Violation of Implied Consent LawJason Hargis - Mitimus to JailJason Clark - DUIJason Atnip - CC CapiasJasmine Lancaster - Violation of ProbationJamie Ridge - Violation of ProbationJames Webb - Driving on Revoked:Suspended LicenseJames Farley - Violation of ProbationJames Brown - GS CapiasJames Baker - Contraband in Penal Institution, Man:Del:Sell Controlled Substance, DUI, Violation of Implied Consent LawJamaine Lemons - CC CapiasJacquline Holloway - JuvenileJacob Williams - GS CapiasJacob Lautt - Theft of Property, Man:Del:Sell Controlled Substance, No Drivers LicenseJacob Hazzard - GS CapiasHollie Copeland - Mitimus to JailHaley Walker - GS Capias, Theft of Property, Fraudulent Use of Credit Card, Auto BurglaryHaley Bryant - Meth Free TN Drug Act, JuvenileHaleno Ramirez - Public IntoxicationGualberto Romero-Recinos - DUIGeorge Humble - Public IntoxicationGaspar Sebastian - DUI, Leaving Scene of Accident, Driving Without a LicenseGary Ealey - Mitimus to JailGage Russo - Aggravated AssaultFranklin Cogburn - Violation of ProbationEthan Murphy - Simple PossessionEmma Spiller - Contributing to a Minor, Unlawful Possession of a Weapon, Man:Del:Sell Controlled SubstanceElizabeth Johnson - Mitimus to JailEdwin Agustin - DUI, No Drivers LicenseEdgar Tores - Public IntoxicationDouglas Miller - DUIDonovan Daniels - Public IntoxicationDonald Bean - GS CapiasDixie Griggs - JuvenileDennis Farley - GS Capias, Introduction of Controlled SubstanceDawn Johnson - Theft of PropertyDavid Hale - GS CapiasDaphine Tudor - Aggravated Assault, Violation of Bond ConditionsDallas Riley - VandalismDale Christian - Violation of Child Sexual Abuse RegistryCynthia Edmonds - GS Capias, Criminal ImpersonationCody Phann - JuvenileChristopher Wilson - Violation of ProbationChristopher Mayberry - DUI, Violation of Implied Consent LawChristopher Cunningham - CC CapiasChristian Tucker - Sexual BatteryChrisopher Harris - Possession of a Handgun Under the Influence, Public IntoxicationCharles Workman - GS Capias, Theft of Property, Possession Weapon, Possession of SCH 1Charles Dowis - GS Capias, Domestic AssaultCharles Darty - DUI, Violation of Implied Consent Law, Driving on Revoked:Suspended LicenseCharlene Upchurch - Public IntoxicationCarol Herron - Mitimus to JailCarl Simmons - Violation of Bond ConditionsCarl Simmons - Domestic Assault, Violation of Bond ConditionsCarl Knight - DUICaleb Lawton - Mitimus to JailBryde Steward - GS CapiasBrooklyn Guy - GS Capias, Violation of ProbationBrittany Shields - Mitimus to JailBrittany Farley - Violation of ProbationBrian Savage - DUIBrian Knighton - Violation of ParoleBrian Farley - JuvenileBrandy Spann - GS Capias, Surrender of PrincipalBrandy Pippins - Custodial InterferenceBenjamin Scearse - JuvenileBarry Vinson - GS CapiasBarden Duck - GS Capias, Theft of Property, Possession Weapon, Simple Possession, Intent to Manufacture MethBalynda Tollett - DUI, GS CapiasAustin Melchior - Public IntoxicationAustin Henry - GS CapiasAugustus Wilson - Violation of ProbationAshley Rector - GS CapiasAshley Cravens - Violation of ProbationArthur Rose - Mitimus to JailApril Kinder - GS CapiasAnysia Crews - Underage Poss or Consumption of Alcohol, Contributing to a Minor X13Antonio Brake - GS CapiasAngelica Hensley - Violation of ProbationAngela Anderson - GS CapiasAngel Brown - Theft of Property, Resisting Arrest, Evading ArrestAndrew Chadwick - Theft of PropertyAmy Roberts - GS Capias, Violation of ProbationAmy Cherry - GS Capias, DUIAmy Campfield - Domestic AssaultAmanda Wallace - GS Capias, Disorderly Conduct, Violation of Probation, Possession of Drug ParaphernaliaAmanda Borden - GS Capias, JuvenileAlexander Kish - Reckless Endangerment, DUI, GS CapiasAidan Corn - Aggravated AssaultAbigale Bathke - GS Capias, JuvenileKyle Harmon - Domestic AssaultKayla Lawson-Hargis - Public IntoxicationJohn Trobaugh - Violation of ProbationDanny Nash - GS CapiasBrandon Matthews - Violation of Probation