Dekalb County High School Cross Country Invitational

CHS cross country teams take 1st for girls and 2nd for boys!!

Local medal winners:

Boys:  Justin Nelson (1st, 17:20.34), Blake Daniels (2nd, 17:35.85), Alex Cruz (8th, 18:06.33), Keith Wiley (9th, 18:23.55), Gabe Sparkman (13th, 18:49.24)

Girls:  Landri Wilcox (1st, 18:40.33), Evan Welch (3rd, 19:41.34), Annie Kate McDermot (4th, 21:11.89), Mya Ruch (6th, 21:44.09), Emma Cate Jones (7th, 22:08.39), Maddie Long (8th, 22:19.02), Brittany Simmons (9th, 23:26.27), Lori Cook (10th, 23:46.90), Katie Anderson (11th, 23:52.68), Libby Woodiel (14th, 24:35.41)

Full results:

Highlights September 16, 2017

Photos by Lynn Dawson

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