Smith County Mugshots 10-2-17

Take a look at the Smith County mugshots.

Aaron Woods-Falsification of Drug Test-Possession Controlled SubstanceWachena Unussee-Violation of ProbationColin Trimble-Violation of ProbationKeri Thackxton-Theft of MerchaniseJoyce Tedrow-Joyriding-Unauthorized Use of VehiclePriscilla Stewart-Child SupportJustin Skeen-FraudJustin Silcox-Bond RevocationKathleen Schwartz-Theft of Merchandise-Driving on Suspended LicensePaco Sanchez-Violation of ProbationDustin Reece-Driving on RevokedDave Osburn-Child SupportSpencer Nichols-Theft of PropertyJames Maxwell-Domestic Assault-Theft of Merchandise-Disorderly Conduct-Resisting ArrestBrandon Marshall-Tampering with or Fabricating Evidence-Official Miscondust-Theft of MerchandiseCristina Lollar-Violation of ProbationSteven Levinson-Bond RevocationJonathan Heim-Fugitive From JusticeBrian Harville-Public IntoxicationJose Guerrero-Holding for another DeptJohnny Grisham-Domestic-Aggravated AssaultAdrienne Gray-Domestic AssaultJoseph Gluc-Violation of Probation-Falsification of Drug testAnthony Franklin-Serving TimeJoshua Farley-Violation of ProbationAaron Elmore-Driving on Revoked LicenseRobert Creek-Hold for anoother AgencySpencer Christian-Violation of ProbationJonathan Cason-Failure to AppearAustin Carson-DUIJimi Box-Theft of Merchandise-Criminal Trespassing-Bond RevocationJason Bowers-Failure to Appear

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