ATMS Basketball vs UMS


Big Rivalry, Technical Fouls, Raw Action, Friends at the End!

Lady Raiders put up a gallant effort but the Lady Jackets from UMS were just to much to handle

UMS  59  ATMS 40

In the night cap, the Raiders and Jackets battled hard on the court but both teams had trouble scoring in the first half. The second half the Raiders edged by the Jackets by 1 to take this win!!!

Highlights December 7, 2017

ATMS BB vs UMS 12:7:17166ATMS BB vs UMS 12:7:17167ATMS BB vs UMS 12:7:17168ATMS BB vs UMS 12:7:17169ATMS BB vs UMS 12:7:17170ATMS BB vs UMS 12:7:17171ATMS BB vs UMS 12:7:17172ATMS BB vs UMS 12:7:17173ATMS BB vs UMS 12:7:17174ATMS BB vs UMS 12:7:17175ATMS BB vs UMS 12:7:17176ATMS BB vs UMS 12:7:17177ATMS BB vs UMS 12:7:17178ATMS BB vs UMS 12:7:17179ATMS BB vs UMS 12:7:17180ATMS BB vs UMS 12:7:17182ATMS BB vs UMS 12:7:17183ATMS BB vs UMS 12:7:17184