DeKalb County Mugshots 6-18-18

Bain, Peggy Violation of Probation General SessionsBouldin, Christie - Aggravated Criminal TrespassingBrimer, Bobby Jo - Resisiting Arrest x2, Assault x2Brown, BJ - Violation of Probation GS x2Cantrell, Dana - Violation of Probation GSCantrell, William - Violation of Probation CCChandler, Wesley - Violation of ProbationClark, Brian - Burglary, Theft of PropertyCook, Scott - Holding Inmate For Court, Failure to Appear, Violation of Probation GSCortez, Amelia - AssaultDowell, Fred -Falsifying of Drug TestDowns, Deena - Holding for Other County on WarrantHenry, Larry - Domestic Assault x2Judkins, John - Violation of Probation C.C.King, Crystal - Violation of Probation C.C. x2Leeper, Kylan - Aggrvated ArsonLorance, Arianne - Fugitive From JusticeMalone, Sharon - Violation of Probation G.S., Violation of Probation C.C., AttachmentMaynard, Eddie - AssaultMcGhee, Caleb - Violation of ProbationNunley, Angela - Holding For CourtPasley, Matthew - Holding Inmate For Court, Violation of ProbationPedigo, John - Violation of ProbationRomero, Alvin - Parole ViolatorSkaroupka, Sean - Driving on Revoked 2nd Offense.Standridge, Richard - Holding For other County on WarrantStanick, Shannon - Violation of Probation CCStorie, James - Court OrderedTallent, Brandon - Holding Inmate For CourtThomas, Matthew - Bond RevokedVientos, Bridgett - AssaultYoung, Colten - Holding Inmate For Court