Cornerstone Elementary 4-H Winners

Cornerrstone Elementary is proud to announce we had numerous winners
in recent 4H competitions.  Congratulations to all students on hard

In Speech

From Theresa Thomas’s class :  left to right :   Cody Lowe 5th place,
Grayson Jones 1st place, Ava McHenry 2nd place, Tristan Leggett 3rd
place and Audrey Hayes 4th place














From Natalie Myhre’s class:  Cosby King 3rd place, Wyatt Childers 1st
place, and Reece Kimmell 2nd place.
















From Darlene Reynold’s class:  Kristina Taylor 5th place, Addison
McElhaney 2nd place, Katie Mullins 1st place, Alex Deaton 3rd place,
and Adriana Hamilton 4th place













In Poster category

Reece Kimmell, Grayson Jones a 1st place, Rance Buckler, Kristina
Taylor 1st in Hand drawn, Adriana Hamilton 1st in computer design














All these placed 1st:  Zoe Ramsey in Line & Design, Katie Mullins in
Poultry, Grayson Jones, Horse, Collin Fowler Electric and Logan White
Forestry & Wildlife.












All these were  2nd place winners:  Liam Murray in Computer &
Technology, Eva Mathis in Personal Development, Cosby King in
Performing/Recreation, Katelyn Hansen in Companion Animals, Aidan
Wyatt in Engineering/Safety and Zack Kittrell in Plant Science













Third place winners:  Ema Herrick in Clothing, and Adriana Hamilton in Poultry.