Burnett Invitational Cross Country Middle School Race


Cookeville Middle Schools boys and girls place 2nd, Overton County Girls 3rd at the Burnett Invitational!

Medals were awarded to the top 20 runners in each category.

Area middle school girls winners: 

Emily Coonce (3rd, 13:45.58), Gabriella Dawson (5th, 13:56.16), Katie Goad (11th, 14:43.37), Carley Crowe (13th, 14:58.95), Camryn Murdock (14th, 15:06.76), Abigail Welch (15th, 15:09.44), Danielle Hammock (16th, 15:16.22), Abby Hix (18th, 15:17.03), Sarah Coonce (20th, 15:22.31)

Area middle school boys winners:

Aaron Gottlied (6th, 12:03.24), Parker Linder (7th, 12:09.95), Jacob Sparks (11th, 12:38.39), Maddox Beaty (14th, 12:47.97),  Kaden Williams (15th, 12:55.88), Cameron Miller (19th, 13:02.45)

Full Results may be found at:  http://tn.milesplit.com/meets/288744/results#.WdGcoWhSyM8

Highlights September 30, 2017

Photos by Lynn Dawson

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