Cumberland County Mugshots 5-18-18

Adcox, Adam - Simple PossessionArp, Michael -Hold For Union CountyArroyo, Axl -Underage ConsumptionBarlow, Matthew - Commitment Time for MisdemeanorBickford, Steven - Failure to AppearBerry, Scotty - Violaton of ProbationBarnwell, Gilbert - Hold For Other Dept.Barnes, Angela - Failure to Appear Child SupportBilbrey, Stephen - D.U.I.Bolin, Dakota - Driving on Revoked LicenseBostic, David - Domestic Assault (Warrantless Arrest)Brickley, Michael - Contributing to MinorCampbell, Brandon - Man.,Del., or Possess Meth, Driving on Revoked or Suspended License, Unlawful Possession of Drug ParaphernaliaBurton, Caleb - Hold For Other Dept.Bruce, Jennifer - Driving on RevokedSuspended License,Failure to AppearBrown, Ashley - Underage ConsumptionColeman, Travis - Violation of ProbationCumbess, Joshua - Domestic AssaultDavies, Matthew - Failure to AppearDavis, Johnny - Forgery, Theft of PropertyEliason, Tracy - Theft of MerchandiseEaton, Ronald - Domestic Related, Warrant For Arrest From Another StateEasterly, Timothy - Unlawful Exposure, Failure to Appear, Evading ArrestDickey, Ralph - Commitment Time for MisdemeanorFenstermaker, Ashley - Aggravated Burglary, Theft of PropertyFord, Aaron - Simple Possession Schedule 6, Drug ParaphernaliaFrazier, Failure to Appear to Pay, Violation of ProbationFuchs, Whitney - Violation of ProbationGriffith, George - Man.,Del.,Sell, or Possession of Meth, Unlawful Possession Drug ParaphernaliaGreco, William - Intro. of Contraband Into Penal Institution, Felony Possession of Meth, Failure to AppeatGolliher, Samantha - Simple Possession x2, Public IntoxicationFutrell, Danny - Commitment Time For MisdemeanorGuilliams, Grayson - Hold For Knox CountyHale, Brandon - Failure to AppearHalmontaller, Ryan - Failure to AppearHamby, Jessica - Failure to AppearHicks, Denise - Theft of PropertyHembree, Rebecca - Commitment Time For Misdemeanor, AttachmentHearn, Jackson - Commitment time For MisdemeanorHamby, Mark - Violation of Probation (GS), Child Support x2Hill, Alicia - Commitment Time For MisdemeanorHunter, Nathan - Public Intoxication, Simple PossessionKangas, Ben - Domestic AssaultJordan, Natoshia - Hold For Other DepartmentLedbetter, Phillip - Commitment Time For MisdemeanorLangley, Matthew - Check Previous BookingKirby, Kelsey - In For CourtKirby, Holly - Failure to AppearLogan, Daniel - D.U.I, Leaving Scene of an Accident, Simple Possession, Unlawful Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Immediate Notice of AccidentMarlatt, Joshua - Theft of MerchandiseMatherly, Kellie - Indecent ExposureMinton, Bryan - Commitment Time For MisdemeanorOrdones, Alex - Duty To Render Aid, Leaving Sene of An Accident, No Driver's LicenseNorrod, Holly - Simple Possession, Drug Paraphernalia, Possession of a Legend DrugMoore, Brian - Check Previous BookingMonday, Betty - Violation of Order of Protection or RestraintPatterson, Andrew - Violation of ProbationPoelakker, Brandon - Possesion of Drug Paraphernalia, Man., Sell, Posession of Meth, Driving on Revoked or Suspended LicenseRamsbey, Savannah - Drinking Below Legal AgePrevatte, Ryan - Failue to AppearReed, Larry - Failure to AppearReed, Dakota - Commitment Time For MisdemeanorRasso, Tony - Failure to Appear x2Randolph, Kenny - Failure to AppearRuiz, Victoria - Dommestic AssaultSeiber, Karen - Failure to Appear x2Selby, Carly - Drinking Below Legal AgeSexton, Hannah - Theft of PropertyShank, Gennie - Failure to AppearSimoneau, Jennifer - Man., Sell, Del., of Meth, Mfg.,Del., Sell of a Controlled Substance, Simple Possession of Schedule 6 Drugs, Drug ParaphernaliaSinger, Christopher - D.U.I. 1stSmith, Danny - Public Intoxication, Resisting ArrestSmith, Natalie - In For CourtSpriggle, Arica - Violation of Probation (GS)Stamps, Jacob - Violation of Probation (GS)Taylor, Joshua - Theft of MerchadiseThomas, Michael - Driving on Revoked or Suspended License, Hold For Other Dept.Warner, Justin - D.U.I. 1st, VIO IMP, No Driver's LicenseWatson, Tiffany - Hold For Roane Co.Weaver, Justin - Sale and Deliver of Controlled Substance x2 , MFG.,Sell, and Del., of Controlled Substance x2Wieland, Deven - Failure to AppearYoung, Amy - Theft of MerchandiseZavala, Artemio - D.U.I.Reese, Robert - Reckless Endangerment