Fentress County Mugshots February 15-21

Check out the Fentress County mugshots for February 15-21.

*Everyone listed is assumed innocent until proven guilty in court.

Adam Ipock - Child Abuse, Domestic AssaultIan Shelden - Driving Without License, Simple Possession of MethJeffrey Phillips - VandalismJerry Padrick - Aggravated Rape of a Child, IncestJustin Beard - Grading of Theft Over 10,000, Vandalism Over 1,000Michael Baker - Domestic AssaultSteven Hughes - Holding for PickettTiffany Upchurch - Introduction in Penal Facility, Possession of SCH VITimothy Beeler - Phone Harassment, StalkingTracy Shelden - Simple Possession of MethTravis Moles - GS VOPWesley Harding - Sessions Failure to AppearWillard Gunter - Criminal FTA