Cumberland County Mugshots

May 15, 2017

Cumberland County Mugshots

Young, Robert Brent - Theft of MerchandiseWorley, Robert Clifton - Leaving scene of accident Property DamageWilson, Chyrl Lynn - DOR:S DLWiley, Sherry Gail - simple Poss; Criminal ImpersonationWhite, Charles Christopher - Vio Condition of Community SupWelch, Daniel Travis - FTA, Criminal TrespassingWatson, Nekia Marie -FTAWalker, Kimberly Ann - FTAWalker, Casandra Danielle - GS VOP 2nd Vio; GS VOP 2nd Amended; Unlawful Poss Drug Para; Simple Poss:Casual Exch; Simp Poss of MethTanner, Jim Edward - Agg AssaultStevens, Lecinda Janene - GS VOP X2Spence, Jacob Matthew - DOR:S DLSpangler, Austin James - DUISmith, Dwayne Levon - In for courtSmalling, Phillips Meredith - DUIShoemake, Jerry Dwayne - Criminal Trespassing; GS VOPShirley, Jeremy Craig - Driving w:o LicenseSherrill, Joshua Lynn Sr - FTA on 4:17:17 for DOSScott, Mavis Lea - Vio ProbationSavage, Melanie Andrea - Sale Oxy in a Drug Free School Zone; Del Oxy in Drug Free School Zone; Sale Oxy in Drug Free School Zone; Del in Drug Free School ZoneSage, Billie Jo - Hold for Oliver SpringsRoss, Donna Angela -Theft of MerchandiseRocha, Scott Leandro - Sale of SCH II Oxy; Del SCH II OxyRobbins, Whiteny Nicole - FTARichards, Charles Ethan - VandalismRenfro, Curtis Jacob - Morgan Co AL; Criminal Impersonation; Simple Poss Marijuana; Poss Drug Para; Criminal Simulation FelonyRavo, Sara Nicole - InvestigativePruett, Gerald Robert - Theft of MerchandiseProffitt, Ryan Luke - Commitment Time for MisdemeanorPickett, Joseph Mark - Theft of MerchandisePhillips, Danny Ellison - 48 Hr CommitOneal, Nicole Louann - Vio Implied Consent Lw; Evading Arrest; DUIOgle, Anthony Nelson - Hold WithOutNalepa, Bryan Adam - Domestic Related Agg AssaultMott, Larry Kevin - Investigative HoldMoore, Mary Ann - Commitment Time for FelonyMoore, Garry Walter - Commitment Time for MisdemeanorMiller, Alan Wayne - GS VoPMeeks, Jacob Allan - GS VOPMatheson, Florence AKE- Mfg 100 plants; Conspiracy 100 PlantsLenkowski, Lucas Alexander - DORLawson, Adam Russell - FTALance, Willam Michael - Child Support; Evading ArrestLail, Barry Keith - Check Previous Booking (Temp. Out)Kerley, Joshua Doyle - DOSKeeton, Daniel Aaron - FTAJohnson, Worth Braxton - VOPJanow, Donald NMN - Resisting Arrest X2; GS VOP X2Janow, Donald NMN - Simple Poss X2; Unlawful Poss Drug ParaJackson, Lisa Michelle - Obstr. of Service of Legal Writ or ProcessHorn, Justin David - Domestic AssaultHolt, Jonathan James - FTA Theft of Merchandise; Theft of MerchandiseHodge, Timothy Lee - Vio Community CorrectionHicks, Cody James - Investigative HoldHard, Jason Michael - Vio of Prob: Vio 2nd:2nd AM; VOP 2nd AMD; CC VOP; FTAHamilton, Melody Kay - DOR:S DLGunter, Raymond Allan - DUIGriffith, Carl Jackson - CapiasGreatorex, Andrea Lee - Commitment Time for MisdemeanorGates, Garret Lee - FTA; GS VOPGarrett, Amy Jo - MFG:DEL:SEL Con SubGalo, Dustin Nathaniel - Commitment Time for MisdemeanorGallagher, John NMN - DOR:S DLFoltz, Curtis Lee - Vandalism; Resisting ArrestFloyd, Randy Lynn - CC VOPEasterly, Timothy Joseph - Commit TimeDeominguez, Arturo NMN - Commitment Time for MisdemeanorDixon, Dustin Lee - FTADishman, Stuart Paul Jr - 48 Hr CommitDickey, Ralph Walter - Mfg:Del:Sel:Poss MethDemetro, Brad Neal - Hold for Rhea:Roane CountyDavis, Jacob Newton - FTADavis, Aaron Ray - Commitment Time for MisdemeanorDavenport, Avery Laverne - Agg Assault Dometic; Reckless EndangermentDaugherty, Andrew Walter - DUICrist, Britan Nikkolas - Public IntoxicationCrisp, Nicky Paul - GS VOP; GS VOPCirilo, Alexander Kyle - Simple Poss; DOR:S DLChavez, Julio Perez - DOR:S DL; DUI; CC VOP; CC VOP; AssaultCarraway, Jessica Marie - Theft of MerchandiseBrown, Jimmy Franklin - Agg Burglary; Reckless Endangerment; Poss of Proh Weapon; Capias; Theft over $500 but less than $1000Boles, Christopher Jason - Knox CountyBarison, Bruce Andrew - GS VOP; FTAAshburn, Eva Marie - 2 Counts Sale Oxymorphone; Unlawful Poss of Drug Para; 2 Ct Del Oxy; Sale Oxy; Del OxyAdams, James Dakota - Theft of Property VehicleMena-Lopez, Christian Alexand - Casual Exchange SCH IV X2; Sale :Del SCH II Cocaine over .5 Grams; Sale:Del SCH II over .5 Gm School Zone; Poss Marijuana; Poss of Drug Para

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