White County Mugshots 8/7/17

August 7, 2017

White County Mugshots

Chadwick, James Charles - Poss Stolen Property; Criminal Trespadd; Poss Stolen Property X3Kanaris, Jennifer Anne - Child Abuse:Neglect:Endangerment X2; Poss:Mfg:Del:Sell Cont Sub SCH II Meth; Poss:Mfg:Del:Sell Cont Sub SCH VI Marijuana; Unlawful Drug ParaDavis, Michael Leslie - VOPDavenport, Tammy Berniece - Here For CourtTaylor, Jeffery Leon - DUI 2ndScarlett, Tommy Lynn - FTA 5:2:17 or FTP FinesGolden, David Lynn - FTA:RNorrod, Joel Athony - Violation Bond ConditionsClark, Amanda Cynthia - Here for CourtGribble, Jeffery Thomas - Public IntoxicationHoward, Jared Reshun - Unlawful Drug PossJennings, Rebecca - DUI 1st; Poss Simple SCH VIBrewer, James Dale - Serving on PreciousHutson, Tyler Shane - Attachment for ContemptSmith, William Tyler - Here for CourtHill:Brock, Mary Josephine - Attachment for Jail Sent; VOP Falsify Drug ScreenJudd, Michael Thomas - Attachment for ContemptBlaylock, Rachel Michelle - Attachment for Child SupportBirdwell, Jeffery Dale - Resisting ArrestHale, Jeremy Allen - Solicitation of a MinorHood, Ciera Faith - Theft of Property ShopliftingOgletree, Douglas Michael - Hold for Overton CountyCantrell, William Ray - DOR; DUI 2ndAdkison, Blain Landry - DUI 1st & Child AbuseHenry, Byron Shawn - Evading Arrest on MV; Poss Stolen Property over $1,000; Vandalism under $1,000; VOPYoung, Colton Gene - Theft of Property over $1,000Shockley, Zach Austin - VOP-Theft > $1,000, Prohibited WeaponDelk, Brian Matthew - Theft of Property; Public IntoxicationDodd, Teddy Lee - Reckless Endangerment; Rec Endag to Cause Bodily Harm; Vandalism over $1000; Felony Evading Arrest (MV); DOR 5thSmith, Natalie - Theft of Property Shoplifting; Criminal Trespass; Poss Simple SCH II; Unlawfil Drug ParaLack, Christian Daniel - Thft of Property Shoplifting; Suspended License 1st; Unlawful Drug ParaBoswell, Joey Allen - Criminal Impersonation; Poss Contraband in Penal Fac.; Poss SCH II Drugs; Theft $2500-$10000Schimmoeller, Scott Alan - Theft Shoplifting under $500Cunningham, Harold Eugene - DUI 2ndPost, Justin Kiel - Attachment for Jail SentenceNewton, Kurtis Scott - Poss of Alcohol under 21Burks, Sarah - From Warren CountyDaniels, Ashley Onna - From Van BurenCantrell, Garth Layne - Here for Court; Theft of Property over $1000; FTA; Agg Assault;; BurglaryBarnes, Jeffery Lynn - Vio Community Corrections

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