Cumberland County Mugshots 11-20-17

Check out this week’s Cumberland County Mugshots.

Elmus Winningham-Hold for Putnam CoRobert Winn-Failure to AppearMary Wickersham-AssaultJerry Whitson-DUiCharles White-Violation Sex Offender Registry-Possession of Drug ParaphernaliaBenjamin Welch-48 Hour CommitJeramiah Webb-MAn-DEL-SELL or Possession MethJody Turner-Violation of ProbationDerrick Turner-Fail to AppearHeather Thornton-DUIKimberly Thompson-Simple Possession-MAN-SEL-DEL of MethAndrew Tant-Simple PossessionJim Tanner-Domestic AssaultMatthew Tabor-Violation of Probation on MAN-DEL-SEL Possession MethTammy Swallows-Criminal TrespassingRicky Stone-DUIDaniel Sowinski-Simple Possession SCH 6-DOR-DUIPhilip Souliere-Failure to AppearRobert Smith-MFG-DEL-SEL SCH 6-Possession of Firearm while Committing FelonyMichael Shepherd-Violation of ProbationScreen Shot 2017-11-20 at 9.11.23 PMJohn Schwartz-Violation of Probation-Failure to AppearRobert Schill-Domestic AssaultClayton Sanders-DUIEzequiel Sanchez-Violation of ProbationTeresa Russell-Failure to AppearScott Rocha-Violation of ProbationScreen Shot 2017-11-20 at 8.51.43 PMScreen Shot 2017-11-20 at 8.51.38 PMJohn Rector-Failure to AppearWendy Quince-Failure to Appear-Violation of ProbationBest Local Bail Bonds SurrenderRodney Pugh-Violation CommumtiyStephen Phillps-Violation of ProbationHarlan Phillips-Driving on Revoked or Suspended LicenseRobert Pharris-Violation of ProbationJessica Parker-Hold for Other DeptElijah Nix-Returned From CourtCali Netherton-Failure to AppearAlexis Nelson-Failure to AppearRosemarie Nappi-Commit TimeBryan Morris-Domestic AssaultWilliam Moore-Aggravated AssaultRyan Molten-72 Hour Commit TimeTroy Mitchell-In for CourtJacob Meeks-Check Previous BookingTimothy McWhirter-Violation of ProbationRandi McIntire-Failure to AppearLisa McDaniel-Theft of PropertyJody McCullough-Falsifcation of a Drug TestAaron Lloyd-Check Previous BookingJuan Linares-Warrant for Arreast from Another State-Pi-Simple PossessionRafael Leon-Driving on Suspended-Driving while restrictedDylan Kelly-Driving on Revoked or SuspendedJessie Keith-Failure to Appear 08-07-2017Tonya Jones-Hold for Roane CountyChristopher Howard-MAN-DEL-SELL OR Possession MethBradley Hill-Driving on RevokedTerri Higgs-Indecent ExposureHaley Herron-MAN-DEL-SELL Meth over 300 grams-Simple Possession Oxycodoe-Violation of ProbationDrew Hayton-Resale or MFG SCH 6 Marijuana-Possession Drug Paraphernalia-Driving under InfluenceLeo Hayes III-MAn-DEL-SELL or Possession MethHeather Hassler-Failure to Appear 11-2-2017Sarah Hall-Domestic Assault-VandalismEverett Grant-30 Day Commit Time for MisdemeanorFrank Gorman-Driving on Revoked or Suspended LicenseDereck Goodman-Failure to AppearMichael Frost-Violation of ProbationKenneth Ford- Violation of ProbationJoesph Flury-Driving on SuspendedJeremy Flury-Failure to ApearRonald Floyd-Back From CourtWilliam Farmer-Violation of Probation-Failure to AppearCheryle Duncan-Failure to Appear 8-28-17Jonathan Bobbs-Theft of MerchandiseWilliam Dixon-Violation of ProbationMichael Dale-In for CourtStephanie Crutcher-Failure to AppearTimothy Crass-Violation of ProbationHarve Copeland-Commitment Time for MisdemeanorTasha Cook-Violation of ProbationCarisa Campbell-Possession of SCH II Meth over point 5 ozMitchell Call-Aggravated BurglaryKevin Burgess-Evading Arrest-Drivign on Revoked LicenseDamon Breeding-MAN-DEL-SELL or Possession Meth-Disorderly Conduct-Resisting ArrestVictor Bradley-Failure to AppearSteven Brackett-Violation of ProbationJudy Bowen-MFG-DEL-Sell SCH 6-Possession while committing FelonyAmanda Barber-Violation of Probation- Theft of Merchandise-Failure to Appear 09-11-2017Violet Atkinson-VandalismAmber Allen-30 Day Commit or Credit time Served