Cumberland County Mugshots 02-06-2018

Check out this week’s Cumberland County mugshots. Everyone listed is assumed innocent until proven guilty.

Adam Dodson-False Report of Motor Vehicle Accident-Failure to AppearAdam Murphy-Failure to Appear-Alan unser-Commitment time For MisdemeanorAllison Jones-Falsification of Drug Test ResultAmanda Sherrill-Domestic AssaultAndres Agusti-Evading ArrestAustin Rector-Driving on Suspended License-Reckless DrivingBenjamin Turner-Can Bond When SoberBobby Ewton-Hold for Other CountyBobby Hughes-Fail to Complete Comm ServiceBonnie Kopacz-Violation of ProbationBrenda Hughes--Failure to AppearBrian Lance-MAN-DEL-SELL or Poss Meth-Unlawful Poss Drug ParaphernaliaBrittany Berry-MAN-DEL-SELL or Possession MethCarl Davidson-Failure to AppearCarlos Sazo-No Charge ListedCharles Robinette-Failure to Appear-Unlawful ExposureChristopher Puckett-Domestic RelatedChristopher Yarnell-Failure to AppearDaniel Andrews-Commitment Time For MisdemeanorDaniel Ayars-Domestic Assault-Daniel Wilson-DORDarrell Redwine-Failure to Appear 1-25-2018-DOS-Proof Insurance-Theft of PropertyDavid Blake-Violation Sex Offender RegistryDavid Marshall- on 01-29-2018 to PayDestiny Tirey-Serve 10 DaysDevin Watkins-theft or PropertyDevon Hodgins-Driving on Suspended LicenseDustin Thompson-Failure to AppearEddie Chaney-Evading Arrest-Reckless EndangermentEric Krupp-Hold for Bond HearingErica Garcia-No Charge ListedEsperanza Primo-No Charge ListedEzquiel Jimenez-No Charge ListedFranklin Hodge-Hold for Greene CountyGeorge Begley-Aggravated Assaultheather Hassler-Violation of Probation-Failure to AppearJames Young-Violation of Order OF ProtectionJamie Chaney-Leaving Scene of accidentJeremy Rockwell-Reckless Endangerment-Vandalism-Possession of a Handgun While under the InfluenceJohn Patton-Felony Possession of Meth-Tampering with Evidence-Failure to Appearjohn Potter-Simple PossessionJose Lopez-Simple PossessionJoseph Grimme-Failure to AppearJoseph Sadula-Commit Time 10 Days at 75 PercentJoshua Dirscheri-Theft of PropertyJoshua Harper-Violation of Probation-Failure to AppearJoshua James-DUIJoshua Johnson-12 Hour Hold WaivedJustin Custer-Commit Time for MisdemeanorKaycee Farr-Failure to Appear-DUIKayla Clark-Aggravated BurglaryKenneth Garrison-VandalismKrista Keen-Failure to AppearLaura Young-Violation of ProbationLeigh Price-Driving on Revoked or SuspendedLicenseLeslie Swallows-Fraudualant use of Credit Card-Theft of Propertymarcus Woods-Simple PossessionMary Morton-DUI-Suspended or Revoked Drivers License-Melissa Menendez-Commit Time for FelonyMichael Blaylock-Commitment Time for MisdemeanorMichael Caffey-Burglary-Resisting ArrestMichael Howard-Aggravated AssaultMichael Keck-Theft Possession Meth-Contraband-Failure to AppearNathaniel Downs-Simple Possession-Driving on revoked or Suspended LicenseNichol Rockwell-Tampering with EvidenceRanata Brown-Aggravated AssaultRandall Bilbrey-Failure to PayRebecca Cooke-Commit time for MisdemeanorReuben Scarlett-Failure to Appear-Felony Evading Arrest-Felony Reckless Endagerment-Aggravated AssaultRobert Sapp-Violation of ProbationRonald Floyd-Check Previous BookingRonnie Kilby-Failure to Appear-Violation of Probation-Resisting ArrestRosemarie nappi-Commit Time For MisdemeanorRyan Molthen-3 Day CommitRyan Moore-Commitment Time for MisdemeanorSamuel Turner-Domestic AssaultScott Cook-Failure to Appear-Violation of ProbationShanna Lowery-Contempt of Court-Violation of Probation-Serve 22 Days for the Poss Drug ParaphernaliaShawn Cook-Violation of ProbationSkler Withers-Felony Possession of MethSonya Beaty-Theft of Property-Criminal TrespassingTabitha Doyle-Failure to AppearTabitha Patton-Unlawful Poss Drugs Paraphernalia-MAN-DEL-SELL Possession Meth-Simple PossessionTommy Faircloth-Driving on Revoked License-MFG-DEL-SELL of Meth-Contraband in Penal InstitutionTyson Nichols-120 Days at 75 percentVicki Kerns-DUIWilliam Matthews-Failure to Appear-VandalismYvonne Norris-Failure to Appear 10 DaysZachary Thompson-Violation of Probation