Putnam County Mugshots 5/15/18

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Barber, Sean Tee - Evading Arrest; Reckless Endangerment; Offense Other of Possessing a Firearm During Commission; Domestic AssaultBash-Comeau, Amanda Marlene - Agg BurglaryBrown, Lester Mayfield - Public IntoxicationBrown, William Lee - Mfg Del Sell Poss Controlled Sub MethBumbalough, Michael Lavaughn - CC Violation of Probation Simple PossCarson, Joshua Cole - Driving Impaired While UnderageClaborn, Tiffany Dawn - GS Violation of Probation Poss SCH VI DrugsCoggins, Terry Frank Edward - Falsification of Drug Test Results; GS Violation of Probation Rule #1Conner, Casey Joel - GS Violation of Probation TheftCraig, Tiffany Michelle - Public IntoxicationCrouch, Brian Lee - Public IntoxicationCumby, Miles Brent - Public Intoxication; Theft of PropertyEastman, Jacob Alan - GS Violation of ProbationGeesling, Nicholas Kaden - Resisting Arrest; Poss of Firearms by Certain Person during Commission; Reckless Endangerment; Evading Arrest; Theft of Property; DUIGolden, Ernest - Violation of Order of Protection RestraintGroover, Micah David - Public Intoxication; Citation Simple Poss Casual ExchHenley, Matthew Steven - GS Violation of Probation Simple Poss Casual ExchHixson, Roger Todd - Violation of Bond ConditionsHolloway, Jacquline Celeste - Violation of Bond ConditionsJenkins, Amy Dalva - Criminal ImpersonationLee, Brooks - Criminal ImpersonationLoftis, Ryan Sean - CC Violation of Probation Rule # 6,8Long, Ricky Daniel - GS Violation of Probation TheftLykins, Brandy Nicole - CC Violation of ProbationMadwell, Sarah Catherine - CC Violation of Probation Sale DeliveryMatthews, Jerry Wayne - GS Violation of Probation Driving While License is Cancelled; GS FTA P PU HoldMerida, Hermilo Velasquez - Domestic AssaultMiller, Patsy Sue - GS Violation of Probation TheftMoore, Brandon Phillip - CC Violation of ProbationNash, Willard Iron - CC Violation of Probation Rule 1, Rule 2 CC VOPNorris, Leslie Steven - DUI 2nd; Citation ImpliedPhillips, Jason Eugene - Violation of Bond ConditionsReed, Shunton Cortez - GS Violation of Probation Rule #1,3,4; GS Fail to Appedar FTA on 4 11 18; Criminal Impersonation; Evading Arrest; Surrender of PrincipalRiley, Dallas Grady - CC Violation of Probation HarassmentRobbins, Johnnie Mitchel - Public IntoxicationRoberson, Christopher - GS Violation of Probation Driving While License is CancelledRodgers, Brittany Latasha - Criminal Trespassing; Criminal Impersonation; GS Fail to Appear 4 4 18 Misd TheftRodriquez, Dawn Marie - Contraband in Penal InstitutionRosales-Guzman, Maria Del Rosarie - Driving w o a LicenseSmith, Jonathan Christopher - CC Violation of Probation X 2Smith, Shonda Lynn - DUIStockton, Harold Doug - Sexual Exploitation of a MinorThompson, Brenda Gayle - GS Violation of Probation; contraband in Penal Institution; Citation Unlawful Poss Drug ParaTingen, Troy - DUI by AllowanceTrethewey, Cynthia - DUIWeatherby, Andrew Tyler - Criminal TrespassingWilmoth, Cody Tyler - Stalking X 3