Power Athletics Compete in Cheersport Grand Championships

This past weekend Power Athletics Cookeville and Carthage locations traveled to Lexington, Kentucky to compete in Cheersport Grand Championships.

This competition was the debut of Power Athletics Carthage half year teams. The age range for the these teams are from 4-18. They currently have a Youth Level 1 Prep team called the Ninja Cats and a Senior Level 2 Prep team called the Marvel Cats.

Power Athletics Cookeville brought the Lady Cats and the Thunder Cats. Their levels are Junior Level 2 and Senior Coed 3. The age ranges for these teams range from 8-18 years old.

The gyms have two more scheduled competitions on the regular season schedule. The team Lady Cats earned a Summit Bid that will have them competing at Walt Disney World in May with the top 10% of athletes in the Nation.

In Lexington the results were as follows:

Ninja Cats- 3rd Place

Marvel Cats- 1st Place
Lady Cats- 1st Place
Thundercats- 1st Place

This was a very successful weekend for both gyms!

Power Athletics Cookeville is offering a pre-team opportunity to help athletes get ready for school and all star tryouts. Inquire at www.powerathletics.net and on our Facebook page.

Photos/Story Provided by Power Athletics


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