Cornerstone Elementary First Nine Weeks Awards

Showing our Cornerstone Stinger pride are:
Most Improved:  On knees left to right Zack Kittrell 4th grade Star Student and Wesley Medlin 4th grade.  Standing left to right are:  Jacob Vinson 1st grade, Femke Perry 3rd grade and Roger Cannon 3rd grade Star Student.
Most Studious:  left to right  Kayden Durham 4th grade Star Student, ELijah Barlow 2nd grade, Braelynn Giberson 3rd grade and Dalton Gray 2nd grade Star Student.  Not shown are Miriam Strahan 4th grade and Mary Gilreath 3rd grade Star Student.
Citizenship:  Left to right on knees  Kaylie Block 1st grade and Shelby Randolph 4th grade. Standing left to right Taylor Hatcher 4th grade Star Student, Gage Franklin 3rd grade, and Madox Maynard 3rd grade Star Student.