DeKalb County Mugshots 9-18-17

Check out the DeKalb County mugshots from 9-18-17.

Allison Edge-Holding Inmate for CourtAndrew West-Theft of Property under 1000Blake Brown-Nichols-ForgeryCasey Jacobs-Holding Imate for CourtChristopher Young-Holding Inmate for Court-Driving while License Revoked 1STClaudia Ramirez-AssaultColton Young-Holding Inmate for CourtCourtney Decker-ForgeryCrystal King-Weekender Time to ServeDeanna Pedigo-Failure to AppearGregory Neal-VandalismJacob Barrett-Holding Inmate for CourtJessie Hall-Holding Inmate for CourtJohn Cline-Driving on Revoked or Suspended LicenseJohn Mason-Holding Inmate for CourtJonathan Medley-Holding for Overton CountyJoshua Brown-Evading Arrest- Vandalism- Theft Over 1000-Theft under 1000-Aggervated BurglaryJoshua Brown-Theft Under 1000- Burglary-Vandalisum-Theft of PropertyJoshua Nugent-Aggravated AssaultJuan Ortiz-Castillo-Violation of ProbationJustin Murphy-Failure to Appear-Violation of ProbationKevin Cox-Intentional Killing of an AnimalLavar bass-Violation of Probation Circuit Court-Failure to AppearLucas Bogle-Violation of ProbationOlivia Barber-Violation of ProbationScott Cook-Violation of ProbationShannon Herman-theft of Property over 1000Stephen Patterson-Possession of Methamphetamine-DUITrent Haney-Violation of ProbationWillam Dixon-Court Ordered 15 Days to Serve