Cumberland County Mugshots 6-27-18

Alderman, Jake - Violation of Probation G.S.Barnes, Daniel -Failure to AppearBaron, Brandon - Reckless EndangermentHawell, Jesse - Failure to Appear, Public IntoxHawn, Jospeh - Child Support, Violation Probation G.S. x2Hays, Joshua - Violation of Bond Conditions, Violation of Order of Protection or RestraintHeath, William - Driving on Revoked, Reckless Driving, Evading ArrestHill, James - Mfg. Del. Sell Controlled Substance, Possession of Firearm WHile Commiting a Felony, Possession of a Prohibited Weapon, Theft of PorpertyHolt, Scott - Man. Del. Sell, or Poss. of Meth, O-R Bond When SoberHouston, Jennifer - Failure to AppearHubbard, Amber - Violation of Probation G.S., Failure to AppearIrwin, Maynard - 2 Day CommitJohnson, Joshua - Hold for Other Dept.Johnson, Kenny - Failure to Appear Capias , Failure to AppearJones, Timithy - Public IntoxKemmer, Alan - HarrassmentKemmer, Joshua - HarrassmentKirk, Emmett - Violation of ProbationKirkland, Sarah - Vandalism, Theft of Property, Resisting ArrestKrogman, Wayne - Criminal TrespassingLakins, Brandon - D.O.R., Leaving Scene of an AccidentLemonds, Donovan - Violation of Probation G.S. x2Marlatt, Joshua - Violation of ProbationMcDonough, Donald - Assault, Disorderly Conduct, Resisting ArrestMelear, Marcus - Violation of ParoleMonday, Betty - Violation of Protection or RestraintMonday, Donald - Commit Time for MsdemeanorMoran, Ricky - Failure to AppearMorton, Mary - Commitment Time for MisdemeanorMyers, Cody - Hold til SoberNelson, Darrell - Mfg. Del. Sell of Controlled Substance, Unlawful Possession of Drug ParaphernaliaNewberry, Chelsea - Mfg. Del. Sell of Controlled Substance, Simple Possession, Driving on Revoked or Suspended LicenseNorris, Jonathan - Check Previous Booking (Temp. Out)Parsons, Eric - Failure to Appear x2Pascual, Pedro - No DL, Leaving on Scene AccidentPharris, Robert - Check Previous Booking (Temp. Out)Pope, Mindy - Failure to AppearPuckett, Christopher - Violation of Bond ConditionsPursley, Amanda - Failure to AppearRaleigh, Jospeh - Domestic AssaultRector, Brandon - Violation of Probation G.S.Redwine, Grace - Commitment Time for MisdemeanorReed, Dakota - Commitment Time for MisdemeanorRichardson, Robert - Commitment Time for FelonyRollins, Billy - Failure to Appear x3Scates, Markell - rDriving on Revoked or Suspended License, Simple PossessionSelby, Curtis - Returned From White Co.Sherrill, Wesley - Violation of Probation G. S.Shults, Steven - Commitment Time for FelonySimmons, Cody - Violation for ProbationSprout, Phillip - Domestic AssaultStump, Leslie - Mfg. Del. Sell. of Controlled Substance, Simple PossessionTanner, Jim - Domestic Assault, Driving on Recoked or Suspended Licese x3, Vandalism, Resisting Arrest, Aggravated Assault x2, Financial Resposibility LawThomas, Rockee - Resisiting Arrest, Disorderly ConductThompson, Dustin - Violation of Probation G.S., Unlawgul Possesion of a WeaponWieland, Deven - Public Intox, Resisiting Arrest, Disorderly ConductWoody, Paul - Violation Implied Consent Law, D.U.I.