The Beat Goes On . . . UHS Wins over York

UHS Buzzing Bees are like the mail, no matter the conditions they deliver, and did they ever! From the opening whistle to the game ending horn the Bees pounded out the yardage on the muddy field punishing the Dragons would be tacklers.

The York Dragons rolled into the swarm looking for revenge from their regular season loss to UHS, but that got flushed down the drain early as the Bees defense made a big stop on 4th down near mid field and then the M & M DUO for Metzgar and McCallister lit up the score board.

Blake Metzgar picked up 220 yards on 24 carries with most of the yardage being after contact. Donovan McCallister ran for 79 yards and picked up 24 more yards thru the air. Jacob Dutchess rambled 20 yards on a punt return for a TD.

Defensively the Bees bent a little but didn’t break when it counted. The iron man on defense last night was Calen Nash with 15 tackle/assists.

Next up the the Bees will be next Friday, November 16, 2018 hosting the Lions from Red Bank High School.  Both teams have identical records at 12 – 0 for the season!

The community needs to come out and support the Bees in their march to the TSSAA Blue Cross Bowl for the Class 3A State Championship.

Highlights November 9, 2018

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