CHS Track and Field Hosts Second Meet of the Season

CHS Track and Field teams win second home meet of the season.

Girls points:  CHS: 244            Alvin C. York Institute: 13o             Livingston Academy:  49

Boys points:  CHS:  264          Alvin C. York Institute:  171              Clarkrange High School:  31

Full results:

Highlights March 26, 2019

Photos by Lynn Dawson

IMG_0831 (2)IMG_0931 (2)IMG_0938 (2)IMG_1008 (2)IMG_1144 (2)IMG_1321 (2)IMG_1406 (2)IMG_1429 (2)IMG_1773 (2)IMG_1872 (2)IMG_1877 (2)IMG_2625 (2)IMG_2745 (2)IMG_0883 (2)IMG_0903 (2)IMG_0908 (2)IMG_0953 (2)IMG_0988 (2)IMG_1001 (3)IMG_1056 (2)IMG_1063 (2)IMG_1085 (2)IMG_1123 (2)IMG_1203 (2)IMG_1226 (2)IMG_1236 (2)IMG_1328 (2)IMG_1337 (2)IMG_1349 (2)IMG_1436 (2)IMG_1442 (2)IMG_1499 (2)IMG_1520 (2)IMG_1566 (2)IMG_1630 (2)IMG_1660 (2)IMG_1744 (2)IMG_1795 (2)IMG_1897 (2)IMG_2022 (2)IMG_2046 (2)IMG_2052 (2)IMG_2074 (2)IMG_2095 (2)IMG_2102 (2)IMG_2139 (3)IMG_2161 (2)IMG_2260 (2)IMG_2261 (2)IMG_2273 (2)IMG_2279 (2)IMG_2385 (2)IMG_2413 (2)IMG_2417 (2)IMG_2440 (2)IMG_2544 (2)IMG_2549 (2)IMG_2572 (2)IMG_2591 (2)IMG_2624 (2)IMG_2639 (2)IMG_2656 (2)IMG_2687 (2)IMG_2710 (2)IMG_2718 (2)IMG_2790 (2)IMG_2809 (2)IMG_2845 (2)IMG_2862 (2)IMG_2883 (2)IMG_2901 (2)IMG_1787 (2)IMG_1971 (2)IMG_2198 (3)IMG_2779 (2)IMG_2359 (2)IMG_1816 (2)IMG_2330 (2)IMG_1825 (2)IMG_1872 (2)