PSMS April VITAL Students

Putnam County VITAL would like to congratulate the Prescott South Middle School VITAL Students of the Month for April. The following students are taking course options through PSMS and the VITAL program to individualize and enhance their learning path in order to be College & Career Ready.
Back row, left to right: Mary Kirk – PSMS Vital Facilitator, Blair Cherry (8th) – Physical Science, Brayden Nagy (8th) – Integrated Math I, Harrison Burr (8th) – Spanish I, Daniel Whitaker (8th) – Spanish II, Sarah Key (8th) – Online Integrated Math III Front row, left to right: Laylah Turner (7th) – Online Pre-English 9 and Spanish I, Lindsey Riley (8th) – Art I, Anna Samon (8th) – Integrated Math I, Kaylee Savage-Cutcher (8th) – World History, Daniella Pryor (8th) – English 9 Not Pictured: Ava Jackson (7th) – Integrated Math I