We Remember September 11

2,606 Civilians

343 Firefighters

246 plane passengers

60 Police Officers 

8 Paramedics

4 Planes

1 day that will be remembered by all


18 years ago, the day started like any other. Many got up and went to work or to school; many made their way to the airport. However, by 7:46 a.m. everyone was frozen in horror, shock and sadness. Not just those in New York City but across the nation.


News stations all turned their cameras to the Twin Towers. Work didn’t get done that day. Schools turned on the tvs during class. 


And we watched.


In the Upper Cumberland, we may have been hundreds of miles away but our hearts were breaking and our eyes were filled with tears.


So many didn’t come home that September day. Loved ones prayed that the phone would ring and it would be their missing person on the other end of the line but the call never came. Children were left without parents and vice versa. First responders lost brothers and sisters by the droves. Even after the smoke cleared our eyes still burned. 


Today marks 18 years of a day that time will never be able to erase from hearts and minds. Today, we look at our firefighters, law enforcement officers, emergency personnel and say a prayer for them and tell them thank you. To those who lost so much, we say we are sorry for your loss.


Hold your families close today, hold them for those who will never get to hold theirs again. We remember them all. The fallen, those who sacrificed, the lost. We remember 9/11.