Putnam County Mugshots May 31 – June 6

Check out the Putnam County mugshots for May 31 – June 6.

*Everyone listed is assumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Aaron Swihart - GS CapiasAngela Eldridge - GS CapiasAnthony Thomas - Domestic AssaultArgelio Diaz - Violation of Bond ConditionsAshley Desentz - Violation of ProbationAshley Hager - GS CapiasBradley Bryant - Probation Violation, Amendment to WarrantBrittney Rodgers - FTABrooks Lee - Meth Mfg:Del:Sale:Poss, Prohibited Weapons Simple PossBryan Richardson - GS CapiasCandy Woodruff - CC Fail to Appear or PayCarl Reeves - Theft, Simple Poss, Evading ArrestChad Jared - DUIChadwick Breeding - Aggravated Criminal Trespassing, GS CapiasCharles Darty - DUI, Suspended or Revoked Drivers LicenseCharles King - GS CapiasChasity Cope - P.I., Criminal Impersonation, CapiasChelsea Stone - GS CapiasChrista Wiest - DUI, SCH 2 Meth PossChristi Hancock - GS CapiasChristina Nation - GS CapiasCiara Vaughn - Agg Assault, Domestic Assault, Violation of Bond ConditionsCody Sullivan - PICora Brindley - Violation of Probation, GS CapiasDamon Harris - Bench WarrantDanny Ledbetter - Simple Possession, Meth Man:Sell:Del:PossessDarron Smith - Domestic AssaultDawson Threet - DORDewayne Woodruff - Crim TresDiana Hamilton - TheftDonald Savage - Surrender of Principal, VOP, SupplementalEric Morgan - JuvenileFederico Yoc - DUIFred Moore - GS CapiasGeorge Davis - GS Capias, Violation of ProbationGeorge Edwards - BurglaryGregory Bowers - Simple PossessionHaley Brown - Domestic Assault, Aggravated BurglaryHarold Brown - SCH 1 and SCH 2 Drugs, Fabricating:Tampering With Evidence, Theft of PropertyHarold Tunnicliff - DUIHeather Dennis - Violation of ProbationHobert Freels - Aggravated StalkingJake Steele - Domestic AssaultJames Bond - Violation of Bond ConditionsJamie Phipps - Public IntoxicationJared Dickerson - Theft of MerchandiseJason Hall - Driving on RevokedJason Porter - Violation of Bond ConditionsJennifer Key - Sus DL X2 Simple PossJerry Sullivan - DUIJessica Hesson - Juv CapiasJimmy Stafford - Misd TheftJohnny Key - Reckless Endangerment, Evading Arrest, Suspended or Revoked DL 9th OffenseJoseph Flatt - Possession Weapon, Man:Del:Sell Controlled SubstanceKendra Cleghorn - Auto Burglary, Possession of a Handgun, Evading Arrest, Theft of PropertyKimberly Wheeler - GS VOP X2Kristin Christian - Juvi. AttachKristina Rasor - Poss Unlaw Drug ParaKrystal Auxier - Burglary Theft, Theft of PropertyLisa Biggerstaff - SUS DL X3, Alter LICLisa Bowman - DUILonnie Thomas - Violation of Bond ConditionsMarcus Mason - GS CapiasMardi Jackson - Contraband in Penal Institution, Simple PossessionMark Wilson - GS CapiasMarlon Gasperic - Violation of Bond ConditionMisty Creech - Trespass by Motor VehicleOdus Buck - CapiasPatricia Duncan - Driving While License SuspendedPatrick Bartlett - DUIPatrick Keys - DUIReonna Bonner - Criminal Trespassing, Contributing to a MinorRicky Lee - Public IntoxicationRicky Rodgers - DUI, Driving on Revoked or SuspendedRicky Rodgers - Public IntoxicationRobert Nannie - Public IntoxicationRobert Salyer - Theft of Property, Leaving Scene of Accident, Evading Arrest, Aggravated Assault Against First Responder, Reckless EndangermentRonald Dodson - Violation of Order of ProtectionSamuel Rasera - Domestic AssaultSarah Brymer - GS CapiasShane Pendergrast - VOPShawn Moores - CapiasSteven Denson - Evading ArrestSteven Walker - Vio of C.C.Tabitha Peek - Public IntoxicationTara Campbell - CapiasTarren Kyle - Violaiton of Bond ConditionTarren Kyle - Violation of Bond ConditionsTennia Melton - Domestic Assault with Bond ConditionsTerry Phillips - Violation of Probation, GS CapiasThomas Bohannon - Criminal TrespassingTimothy Proctor - Agg Assault, Violation of Bond ConditionsTommy Hammons - DOR, PI, Assault, Resisting ArrestTristan Bryant - Hold for Rutherford CountyUriah Slayton - GS CapiasWilliam Denton - GS CapiasWilliam Emerson - Harrassment

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