PUTNAM COUNTY, TN – On Wednesday, October 6th, 2021, Sheriff Eddie Farris and the PCSO
successfully began Operation Rescue which resulted in contacting over a dozen homeless individuals and the arrest of five individuals. On Tuesday, October 12th, 2021, Operation Rescue resumed, resulting in the arrest of ten additional individuals. So far, fifteen total arrests have been made during Operation Rescue.

A small number of individuals were receptive to receiving help from church organizations,      including Samuel LeFave with Life Church and Luke Eldridge with the Upper Cumberland Human Resource Agency (UCHRA), who are working to assist and identify housing and rehabilitation for these individuals. However, there was a certain number of other individuals who refused help and were uncooperative to law enforcement.

Of the ten individuals arrested, charges included possession and manufacture of methamphetamine, drug paraphernalia, Violation of Probation in General Sessions Court as well as Criminal Court, Juvenile Capias, and criminal trespassing. On October 12th, four individuals were arrested for trespassing after being warned this would occur.

Sheriff Farris said, “The living conditions we’ve seen of these individuals are horrendous and unsanitary. And the amount of garbage and trash that has accumulated on property of private owners is terrible. Once again, our main goal is to help these individuals if they need and want help. However, criminal trespassing, littering, and drug usage is not acceptable.”

Operation Rescue is an ongoing process conducted by the PCSO in response to over twenty  Cookeville property and business owners who have signed a waiver for criminal trespass. Property and business owners are welcome to contact the PCSO or come to the PCSO if they are interested in signing the paperwork for criminal trespass. 931.528.8484 Ex. 3234