LA’s Moffitt Signs To Play Baseball At Tennessee Tech

by Rusty Ellis

Livingston Academy senior Aaron Moffitt signed his national letter of intent on Friday to play baseball for Tennessee Tech after graduation.

The four-year starter was excited as expected to make his commitment official.

“It’s a relief, I’ve been looking forward to this for a really long time,” Moffitt said. “I’m looking forward to getting started at Tech.”

It didn’t take long for Moffitt to make his decision throughout the process, as he says he felt like he meshed with the coaches and their vision for him soon after they began talking.

“I started talking with Tech near the end of the summer, and I really like the coaching staff,” Moffitt said. “They’re very knowledgeable and have a lot of experience, so I feel like Tech is where I’m going to develop the most as a player and as a person.”

His current head coach likes the fit as well, pointing out that Moffitt’s work ethic is the main factor in getting this opportunity.

“He’s put in a lifetime of work, there’s not a kid out there that works any harder or as hard as him,” said LA head coach Jamie Loftis. “That’s all he does is play baseball…he really spoke highly of his visit and of Coach Bragga, so I think he’s going to fit in very well down there.”

Loftis continued his praise of Moffitt when asked what Tech is getting in his third baseman and pitcher.

“He’s an outstanding person, as good as they get,” Loftis said. “He’s just a great kid all-around, and that doesn’t even include baseball.”

Of all the things he’s looking forward to, Moffitt says one of the biggest benefits of going to Tech was going somewhere close to home.

“I’m glad I get to stay close to home where family and friends can come watch me play,” Moffitt said. “I’m just comfortable in Cookeville.”