CHS’ Kylie Kleppin Signs NLI To Play Softball At Shawnee Community College

By Rusty Ellis

Cookeville senior Kylie Kleppin has her post-graduation plans signed and sealed, as she signed her national letter of intent to play softball at Shawnee Community College.

It’s a day Kleppin’s been looking forward to, as she says she just felt at home with the feel SCC provided.

“I feel good about it, I have a friend going with me so the four-hour trip will be a little easier,” Kleppin said. “I went on a visit in the beginning of December, and I liked it. It’s small and tight-knit, and if there’s ever anything I need, I know I can ask anybody.”

Kleppin admits that she was unsure about playing collegiate ball at first, but taking the two-year route to test the waters appealed to her in her recruiting process.

“I’m really excited to go and play in college, I asked myself if I wanted to do it or not, but I like where I’m going,” Kleppin said. “I can play my two years and if I want to do more, then I can always continue.”

CHS head coach Jordan Webb says that Kleppin has been a coach’s dream to work with in her time with the Lady Cavs, saying any college would be lucky to have her.

“I told their coach that they’re getting a steal with her,” Webb said. “I’m not sure about their other players, but by the end of her career, she’s going to be one of their best players…she’s played mostly third base with us and has hit anywhere from leadoff to third (in the batting order). She’s one of those players that coaches love to have on their team.”

As far as her biggest strengths on the field, Webb says it’s her athleticism and hard-nosed mentality that sets her apart.

“I have to slow her down sometimes,” Webb said. “Out of all the years I’ve coached, she’s one of the most athletic kids I’ve coached…she’s just one of those special players, who can do it all.”

Kleppin’s looking forward to the next part of her journey, but she does add that she’s going to miss making memories with her Lady Cavs teammates.

“Playing at Cookeville, our Kingsport tournaments are our most fun times,” Kleppin said. “I’ll miss that part of it for sure.”

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