Smith County Mugshots 12-4-17

Check out this week’s Smith County mugshots.

Zachary Williams-Theft of PropertyBilly White-Hold-Failure to AppearRonda West-Failure to Appear-theft of MerchiniseKimberly Thrasher-VandalismThomas Stickland-Violation Conditions ReleaseEdward Sprout-Driving on Revoked-Poss Drug Para w int to Use-Possession of SCH II- Criminal ImpersonationMindi Smotherman-Failure to AppearDustin Reece-Theft of PropertyKyle OverstreetBrandon Lackey-Criminal TrespassingLori Kies-Holding Court Another AgencyDavid Hickman-Drug Court SanctionViolation of ProbationAmber Frady-Serving Time AssaultErica Evans-Bond Revocation Serving Time-AssaultTony Burton-Violation Order Protection RestrainingNicholas Allmon-Aggravated Assault Criminal Summons