Baxter Elementary School 4-H Speech Winners

The following students placed 1st place in the 4-H speech contest at Baxter Elementary. They will get to continue on to the county contest. Front Row: Travis Gentry (Mrs. Lisa Stanton’s Class), Canden Shanks ( Mr. Travis Little Class), Kloee Garrett (Mrs. Natalie Myhre’s Class), Lily Jackson (Mrs. Terri Haney’s Class), and Hurley Williams (Mrs. Theresa Thomas’s Class)

1st Place Winners







Baxter Elementary had their 4-H speech contest on November 17th.  Every student in 4th grade participated. The following were 2nd through 5th place winners. The class winners were as follows:
Front:  Christian Grasty, Kolby Bilbrey, & Jacob Lee
2nd Row:  Elizabeth Evans, Cate Smith, Serynity Adams, Lola Henderson, Josie Underwood
3rd Row: Freya Klein, Isabella Kyffin, Kelsey Hawkins, Maddy Scripter, Sidness Lamson, Aynsley Painter, & Caylee Smallwood
Back Row:  Haley Taylor, Noah Knowles, Maddie Randolph, Mackenzie Simpson, Darcy Hickey
Information provided by Lisa Stanton