CHS Tennis vs Cumberland County

Cookeville Tennis opened the district campaign with a pair of wins over Cumberland County Thursday at the Cavalier Courts. 


The Lady Cavs jumped ahead quickly as Hudson Taylor and Chloe Rippetoe dropped just one game to Rani Patel and Giselle Marquez.  Emma Cate Jones and Natalie Crooks beat Camie Threet and Madi McLaughlin, 8-1.  Kat Livingston and Molly Huddleston won by default.


“The girls continue to improve in doubles,” Coach Brian Rohr said. “The best singles players are not necessarily the best doubles players.  We are growing into better doubles players.”


In singles, Cookeville posted three bagels.  Hudson Taylor, Olivia Foutch, and Bailey Dillon all won 8-0.  Sara Gaw won the top match 8-3 over Threet.  Caroline McCarter routed McLaughlin at No. 2.  At No. 6, Kat Livingston won by default.


“Olivia is kind of a wild card on our team.  If she plays well, we are a completely different team,” Rohr said.


The Cavaliers faced little resistance in rolling to a 9-0 win over the Jets.  Tanner Cagle turned in the performance of the day, blanking the much-improved Tyler Boniol.  Garrett Barker also posted a shutout, over Levi Gilliam.  Jacob McCarter, Alek Kriskovich, Michael Gray, and Alex Groundland also posted singles wins.


“Tanner is a tough matchup for a lot of players,” Rohr said. “He’s a player other teams don’t like to face because he can play offense or defense.  He’s an all-court player with the ability to adapt his game to most situations.”


In doubles, Jake Ward and Marlon Ngo took out Tyler Boniol and David Reagan, 8-1.  At No. 2, Chris Sheets and Tyler Bradshaw defeated Michael Methvin and Joshua Han, 8-1.  Sammy Hadlock and Cameron Hinzey won by default.


Cookeville travels to Hendersonville Wednesday for an early season showdown.


Lady Cavs 9, Cumberland Co. 0




No. 1 – Sara Gaw (CHS) def. Camie Threet (cchs), 8-3


No. 2 – Caroline McCarter (CHS) def. Madi Methvin (cchs), 8-1


No. 3 – Hudson Taylor (CHS) def. Rani Patel (cchs), 8-0


No. 4 – Olivia Foutch (CHS) def. Giselle Marquez (cchs), 8-0


No. 5 – Bailey Dillon (CHS) def. Kaylee Beaty (cchs), 8-0


No. 6 – Kat Livingston (CHS) won by default




No. 1 – Emma Cate Jones-Natalie Crooks (CHS) def. Threet-McLaughlin (cchs), 8-2


No. 2 – Taylor-Chloe Rippetoe (CHS) def. Patel-Marquez (cchs) 8-1


No. 3 – Kat Livingston-Molly Huddleston (CHS) won by default


Cavaliers 9, Cumberland Co.  0




No. 1 – Tanner Cagle (CHS) def. Tyler Boniol (cchs), 8-0


No. 2 – Jacob McCarter (CHS) def. Michael Methvin (cchs), 8-2


No. 3 – Alek Kriskovich (CHS) def. David Reagan (cchs), 8-1


No. 4 – Michael Gray (CHS) def. Joshua Han (cchs), 8-1


No. 5 – Clif Barker (CHS) def. Levi Gilliam (cchs), 8-0


No. 6 – Alex Groundland (CHS) won by default




No. 1 – Jake Ward-Marlon Ngo (CHS) def. Boniol-Reagan (cchs), 8-1


No. 2 –Chris Sheets-Tyler Bradshaw (CHS) def. Methvin-Han (cchs), 8-1


No. 3 – Sammy Hadlock-Cameron Hinzey (CHS) won by default

Information Provided by Coach Rohr

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