Cornerstone Elementary Students Receive Recognition


Students at Cornerstone Elementary School receive special recognition in the areas of Most Studious, Most Improved and Citizenship Awards each nine week grading period. These students were chosen for the 3rd Nine Weeks.

Most Studious

Most Studious: Left to right Sierra Williams 4th grade, Ella Allison 3rd grade, Alissa Palk 2nd grade, Heidi Williams 4th grade Star student. Not pictured Gracie Gore 3rd grade Star Student
























Most Improved

Most Improved: Left to right back Taylor Hatcher 4th grade, Katelyn Brown 4th grade Star Student, Annabelle Lee 3rd grade Star Student. Left to right front Cailyn Frese 3rd grade, Bella Lee 2nd grade












































Citizenship: Mary Gilreath 3rd grade Star Student, Ella Harrell 4th grade, Lauren Criaghead 2nd grade. Not picture Matt Willcutt 4th grade Star Student. Also Citizenship but separate picture Lilly Slemp 3rd grade.