Dekalb County Cross Country Invitational

Cookeville Middle School Teams Place 1st; Dekalb County Places 2nd!

Medals were presented to the top 15 runners in each category.  Local runners receiving medals were:

Boys:  Jacob Sparks (1st, 11:08.12), Parker Linder (2nd, 11:30.46), Aaron Gottlied (3rd, 11:32.50), Maddox Beaty (4th, 11:59.49), Ethan Delk (5th, 12:12.05), Drake Thacker (6th, 12:14.38), Cameron Miller (7th, 12:18.25), Kaden Williams (8th, 12:21.79), Ike Synnestvedt (10th, 12:44.34), Owen Hadlock (11th, 12:44.64), Colin Johnson (12th, 12:50.20), Jack Ledbetter (13th, 12:57.16), Preston Looper (14th, 13:01.91), Cooper Brown (15th, 13:02.69).

Girls: Emily Coonce (1st, 13:17.64), Gabriella Dawson (2nd, 13:35.02), Emily Mildner (3rd, 13:50.62), Elizabeth McReynolds (4th, 13:51.41), Carley Crowe (5th, 13:55.92), Lucy Synnestvedt (6th, 13:56.93), Camryn Murdock (7th, 14:15.54), Abigail Welch (8th, 14:22.89), Abby Hix (9th, 14:25.74), Katie Goad (10th, 14:27.30), Danielle Hammock (11th, 14.28.77), Sarah Coonce (12th, 14:43.92), Anna Driller (13th, 14:47.34), Paytn Carter (14th, 14:52.68), Payton Murdock (15th, 14:54.28)

Full results may be found at:

Highlights September 16, 2017

Photos by Lynn Dawson

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