Event at Putnam County Senior Citizens Cookeville Activity Center

INVITATION:  The participants of this Center are proud of their facility and are issuing an invitation to County and City officials, the Area Agency on Aging, UCHRA, and adults from the general population to attend a special event they have planned for 9/28, 4-6:30pm.

Two long-time participants originated and will coordinate the event which includes:  Homemade Chili and Desserts by Ellen Waller (winner of Chili and Dessert contests); a Fashion Show featuring items from the Thrift Store, Britches ‘n Blouses, (all items half price);  and Bingo with great donated prizes.

Pictures will be taken and publicized.

Admission is a $10 donation to the Center (or more if you wish).  Come, see, and experience.

Your support will be appreciated.