Traffic Stops Ends In Felony

Traffic Stops Ends In Felony

By Brittany Lynch


What started as an innocent traffic stop early in the morning on Dec. 7 turned into a Cookeville man being charged with a felony for bringing contraband into the Putnam County Jail.

Cookeville police responded to a call at 3rd Street and Willow Avenue for a car that was parked suspiciously. When Officer Holtgraewe arrived the suspects vehicle pulled out of the area and then a traffic stop was initiated.

The driver, Ryan S. Loftis, 27, of Cookeville said he was parked in the area because he was watching his girlfriend’s car to see who would be dropping her off. Officer Holtgraewe then ran a computerized check of the suspect and what came back was that Loftis’ was driving on a suspended license and also had active warrant from Macon County according to the report.

Loftis was transported to the Putnam County Jail where the officer asked if Loftis had any contraband on him since there was an odor coming from Loftis’ person. Loftis denied that he had anything on him but after a search, police found a substance that was believed to be marijuana. By bringing contraband into a jail it is an immediate felony.