Silver Point Man Evades Arrest, Meth Allegedly Involved

Brittany Lynch

PUTNAM CO., T.N., — A man from Silver Point, T.N., is accused of ignoring the lights and sirens of a Putnam County Sheriff’s Deputy and is brought in on charges of D.U.I due to a certain substance allegedly found in his vehicle.

On April 18th, Jeremy Lee Slage, 33, passed a Sheriff’s Deputy’s vehicle and allegedly crossed the double center line. According to the report, as the deputy engaged his emergency equipment, or lights and sirens, Lee still did not attempt to stop.

According to reports, Lee led the deputy down Village Road to Free Hill Road and finally onto Choate Cemetery Road before finally stopping and surrendering to the deputy. Also in the reports, Lee crossed into the opposite lane of traffic several times while leading the deputy on pursuit.

Allegedly, the deputy noticed several signs that Lee could have been under the influence. Lee allegedly admitted to using methamphetamines close to five hours prior.  A consensual search was conducted according to the report and a small amount of a crystalline substance, believe to be methamphetamine, were found in the vehicle.

Slage is charged with one count of D.U.I and one count of Evading Arrest. His total bond is set at $5,000.