TTU Professor Missing After Indictment Charge

The National Center for Missing and Exploited children received a cyber tip that photographic files that contain child pornography may be present in this jurisdiction. The tip was investigated by the Cookeville Police Department which is a participating member of ICAC ( Internet Crimes Against Children).


Investigators is gathered sufficient information to obtain a search warrant from the Criminal Court of Putnam County authorising the search and seizure of computers and offices located on the campus of Tennessee Tech University that were in use by Dr. Omar Elkeelany, a Professor and Interim Chair in the College of Engineering.


As investigators analyzed computers and digital media, the presence of child pornography was discovered on the computer Dr. Elkeelany.


On Monday, October 1, 2018, investigators presented the results of the investigation to the Putnam County Grand Jury. The Grand Jury found probable cause that Dr. Omar Elkeelany committed the offense of Sexual Exploitation of a minor, a Class B felony, and issued an indictment charging him with possession of more than 100 images that depict  minors engage in sexual activity.


After the Grand Jury acted, law enforcement officers attempted to locate Dr. Omar Elkeelany in order to arrest him. Officers discovered that Elkeelany has likely fled this jurisdiction.


Case investigators are now working with federal law-enforcement authorities in an attempt to locate and apprehend Dr. Elkeelany who may have fled outside the United States. Law enforcement authorities are asking for the assistance of the public. If any member of the public have any contact with Elkeelany or has any knowledge of his exact whereabouts, he/she is asked to please contact the Criminal Investigation Division of the Cookeville Police Department or the District Attorney’s Office immediately.