Woman Accused Of Using Fake Currency At Local Restaurant

ALGOOD, TN — A Twenty dollar bill with the words “For Motion Picture Use Only” printed on the front was attempted to be used at a fast food drive-thru.

According to reports, a vehicle pulled into the Algood Sonic on October 8th and ordered $17.75 in food from the restaurant. When the server delivered the food to the vehicle the passenger attempted to pay with a $20, according to a police report. The waitress claimed that the bill felt and looked fake.

Algood Police were called to the scene and upon further inspection, the words “For Motion Picture Use Only” were found on the bill. The passenger, Brendi Seiner, 23, of Cookeville claimed she got the bill from home and didn’t know it was a fake.

Seiner is charged with Criminal Simulation, a class E Felony, and her bond is set at $2,000.

Others arrested over night:

  • Courtney Ford, 29, of Livingston was charged with Criminal Impersonation. Total bond is set at $1,000.
  • Izaya Kennedy, 19, of Baxter was charged with Stalking. Total bond is set at $8,000.
  • Dewey Farley Jr., 43, of Monterey is charged with Aggravated Assault. Total bond is set at $50,000.
  • Cotie Orcuttis, 29, of Cookeville charged with Theft of Property. Total bond is set at $20,000.
  • Michael Sullivan, 37, of Livingston is charged with Harassment. Total bond is set at $1,500.