CHS Sends Two to Podium at TSSAA State Track & Field Championships

CHS athletes Landri Wilcox and Bryce Turnbow reach podium at TSSAA State Track & Field Championship!


Area athletes competing in the state meet include:

100M:  Lauren Randall

400M:  Bryce Turnbow -8th

800M:  Kevin Griffin

1600M:  Landri Wilcox  – 5th, Kevin Griffin  

3200M: Landri Wilcox –  6th; Evan Welch

4×200 : Jaeden McCallister, Michael Curt, Josh Barefield , Bryce Turnbow

Discus:  Lily Loveday

Long Jump:  Susan Nelson

Pole Vault:  Lizzy Raper

Shot Put:  Benton Flatt

Triple Jump: Faith Robinette

 Highlights May 23, 2019

Photos by Lynn Dawson

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