Crossville Police DetectiveJoins TBI Task Force

CROSSVILLE, TN – On Monday 5/20/2019, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation held a ceremony at their headquarters in Nashville, TN, where a Crossville Police Detective was sworn in as a task force member. Crossville Police Detective Kevin Wood was sworn in as a member of the TBI Violent Crimes Task Force.

The TBI Task Force is comprised of officers from multiple local agencies across the state, who work any violent crimes occurring in the state Tennessee. The task force allows smaller agencies to partner with each other and the TBI, to help put an end to violent crimes in our communities.

Additionally, participating agencies could have access to additional training, manpower and assistance from other participating agencies, as well as the TBI. This type of cooperation and inter-agency team work often leads to more prosecutable cases being solved and more criminals put in jail.

The Crossville Police Department is proud that Detective Kevin Wood was chosen to participate in this task force and that he will be representing the City of Crossville and our community. His dedication and work ethic are a shining example of what it means to be a professional law enforcement officer.