Clay County Jail Faces Overcrowding Issues With Female Prisoners

CLAY COUNTY, TN  – With a 14 bed jail that is usually full of men, where are the women who have to be incarcerated kept? In a recent report, many female inmates are being kept in a small hallway due to overcrowding. 


In Clay County, according to recent reports, law enforcement is forced to keep female prisoners in a hallway due to the policy that male and female prisoners are to be kept separate. 


One case in particular that was noticed by a local news outlet was the case of Makenzie Melton. Melton was taken into custody for six days. At the time of her incarceration, Melton was pregnant and claims she was chained to a chair with a cot next to her. 


The conversation of building a new jail for Clay County has been talked for several years but no further decisions have been made. 


This is a developing story.